9 Best Funnel Scripts Alternatives For Amazing Copywriting

Copywriting plays a huge role in building a successful sales funnel and any tool that can give you an advantage is well worth the investment. But if you are reading this article, you have probably come across the Clickfunnels Funnel Scripts platform and became interested... until you saw the price tag.

The fact is, Funnel Scripts pricing has a lot of interesting features but it isn't for everyone. $800 for their lifetime access can be a lot of money for a small business, am I right? That's why we have compiled a list of 9 Funnel Scripts alternatives that are a fraction of the price but do a lot of the heavy lifting when crafting an amazing sales letter, sales script, Facebook ad, or other sales copy.

To summarize the alternatives, here is a quick list but keep on reading to understand how they help write sales copy.

  • Closer Copy
  • Jasper.ai
  • WriteSonic
  • PepperType.ai
  • Nichesss
  • Snazzy.ai
  • Rytr
  • Copy.ai
  • CopySmith.ai

What Are The 9 Best Funnel Scripts Alternatives?

Before we go into the details, let's go over the main elements that Funnel Scripts offers so you have a better way to compare them with the alternatives.

  • Video sales letters
  • Email subject lines
  • Product descriptions
  • Lead capture pages
  • Webinar opt-ins
  • Ad copies
  • Sales copies
  • Call to Action (CTA) copies
  • Email scripts
  • Headlines

Closers Copy

Out of our list of Funnel Scripts alternatives, we think Closers Copy checks a lot of the boxes you need. Not only do they have the latest AI to help write ad copy for you, but it is specifically trained based on successful actual sales conversations marketing campaigns. If you are looking for templates that already have great copy written, their wizard has a huge selection of premade scenarios ready for you to edit. From social media ads to sales letters, all are possible using Closers Copy. 

Frameworks in closer copy allow you to train your auto copywriting tool yourself. Frameworks from PAS to AIDA to email headlines are all included. Perhaps the best thing though is the customization option you get. You can customize your own framework to your needs. 

The users only have to answer questions about their target audience, the company, their product, etc., and the software will generate marketing content for you, which is similar to the automatic script.

Copy types you can generate with Closers Copy

  • Product descriptions
  • Variety of templates to get you started
  • Social media content 
  • Can create video titles and video sales letter
  • Email scripts 

What Makes Closers Copy a Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • Features over 24 languages 
  • A step-by-step Wizard to through the creation process of developing engaging sales copy
  • There are a ton of frameworks that help you create any type of sales copy
  • They have templates for sales letters and emails that walk you through the entire creation process


No free trial is included. However, currently, there are two monthly plans:

  • Freelancer plan for $39.99 per month
  • The professional plan costs $49.99 each month 


Currently, in the Copywriting market, Jasper Al is regarded as one of the best Funnel Scripts alternatives. The new and cool technology they use is artificial intelligence to create marketing copies.

The Jasper assistant is set to produce high-quality content 5x times faster using AI intelligence. Furthermore, Jasper knows over 25 languages. Consequently, if you want to translate your content to a particular language, Jasper will be able to do that for you. 

Finally, it can also produce plagiarism-free content on any niche you can think of! The assistant has read most of what's written on the Internet. 

Copy Types You Can Generate With Jasper.ai

  • Can help you write ads for Facebook and Google 
  • Website sub-headline 
  • AIDA framework 
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Email templates 

What Makes Jasper.ai a Good Funnel Scripts Alternative? 

  • The AI assistant can get you many templates for any good copy type you need
  • Jasper can be trained to make copies suited for your brand and your target audience
  • Can translate your content to over 25 different languages
  • It eliminates the chance of having writer's block
  • Works well for copywriters, marketing agencies, bloggers, and social media marketers


There are three paid plans for Jasper.ai.

  • The starter plan offers access to write headlines, descriptions, etc., with 40 copy templates-a limit of 400 characters and a maximum of 20000-word limit. The program costs 29 dollars per month
  • Pro plan gives you extra access to a long-form assistant. So you can generate blog posts. It costs 109 dollars per month
  • Boss Mode Plan writes 2x faster on the long-form editor template. Unfortunately, this plan costs 119 dollars per month


Have you ever spent hours or possibly days trying to write captivating content? Well, you can use the WriteSonic software to generate content for you in no time. WriteSonic is an assistant software that uses AI.

This AI assistant helps to create unique, verified, and engaging content. Additionally, content creation also generates ideas for new start-ups and can help maximize the growth of your existing businesses.

Furthermore, the copywriting software gives you many kinds of options when it comes down to creating articles. By just using keywords, phrases, or even short descriptions about the topic you're writing on.

Copy Types You Can Generate With WriteSonic

  • Analogy maker
  • Amazon sponsored Brand Ads headline
  • Landing pages
  • Pain agitate solution
  • Ads for Google and Facebook ads

What Makes WriteSonic a Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • Has grammar fixing feature
  • New user gets a free account with ten credits for creating marketing copies
  • Features over 18 different languages
  • Generates new ideas for startups
  • Suitable for agencies and marketers


Along with the free new user trial, you have access to three paid plans, including:

  • Starter plan for new startups that cost $11.6
  • Professional plan for small businesses that cost $36.9 per month.
  • Business Plan for $199 per month


Pepper type lets you create libraries for your preferred writing styles. It helps join a copywriter’s experience together with AI to create high-quality content.

You have to pick your desired style and choose a topic related to your subject matter. The copywriting software will then create content for you in a matter of seconds.

The AI consists of an engine trained with over 100 thousand pieces of content from the Internet. This way, it can pick and create content that will draw your audience in.

All in all, this AI software will create persuasive content by just choosing the topic.

Copy Types You Can Generate With PepperType.AI

  • Website sub-headline
  • Google Ad copy
  • Email subject lines
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Website headline generator

What Makes Peppertype.AI a Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • It is suitable for enterprise marketers, brand marketers
  • Creates Ad copy
  • Has grammar fixing feature
  • Creates content for social media
  • Easy to use


The tool offers a free trial and has one paid plan:

  • Starter plan for $25 a month


Nichesss is an AI-powered software that runs on Google's cloud platform and uses GPT-3 technology like most of the other software's do. The platform is designed to generate business ideas, social media posts, blog posts and much more.

Also, the software can generate sales videos and sales pages. It's totally up to the user to choose their ideas and see the platform execute them. To get your ideas up and running all you have to do is choose your genre then assign a tone to your writing assistant and lastly select your writing style. After completing the three easy steps you are ready to publish your content on social media platforms such as Facebook.

All in all, Nichesss is an automated copywriting software that creates unique content and helps working professionals to get new ideas for their future articles, blog posts and short sales copy.

Copy Types You Can Generate With Nichesss

  • Email subject lines
  • Sales letter
  • AIDA
  • Product paragraphs
  • Google Ads

What Makes Nichesss a Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • It is user friendly
  • Suitable for e-commerce businesses
  • Creates unique niches
  • Writes content relevant to your subject
  • Writes content for your target audience


Offers free trial and one paid plan:

  • Unlimited plan for $19 per month


Creating content that will not only sell your brand to potential new customers but also engages with them is a necessary marketing process.

Snazzy.ai is a GPT-3 powered app. It generates persuasive and creative content for brands in minutes. The tool creates product descriptions, paragraphs that you can modify according to your liking.

This copywriting software takes it a step further when it comes to creating content. Along with the GPT-3 feature, the tool applies machine learning to your request. As a result of this, your content becomes professional and customized. Additionally, the software provides a variety of templates.

Copy Types You Can Generate With Snazzy.ai

  • Website copies
  • Taglines
  • Subject lines
  • Product descriptions
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads

What Makes Snazzy.ai a Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • User friendly
  • Uses GTP-3 technology
  • Offers 90 plus cases
  • Is supported by top Copywriting teams
  • Features chrome extension which automatically creates content as you write


The tool allows you to have a forever free plan that will enable you to generate content five times a day, or you can choose a paid plan which is:

  • A growth plan costs $49 a month, or you can choose the yearly billing option for $300 per year


When it comes to pricing, Rytr is the top choice. Rytr is an AI assistant that creates high-quality content for you for a much reasonable price.

You can generate market-based work, YouTube descriptions, story plots, blog posts, and much more. If you have ever come across writer's block, you probably know it interferes with your writing.

This is why having software that can generate professional-looking content is very helpful. In addition to these valuable features, it comes with inbuilt outlines and layouts for your desired content.

Finally, you can also choose different variants according to your liking.

Copy Types You Can Generate With Rytr

  • Copies of ads
  • Magic command
  • Tagline and headline
  • Product descriptions
  • Testimonial and review

What Makes Rytr A Good Funnel Script alternative?

  • Can translate to 25 different languages
  • Has a plagiarism checker
  • An easy and convenient way to organize work documents
  • Uses cutting edge artificial intelligence
  • Offers 25 plus user cases


It offers a forever-free plan that allows you to generate 5000 characters a month. It also offers a paid plan:

  • The premium plan allows you to create unlimited numbers of characters for $29 a month


Copy.ai essentially writes the copy for you. You can use this tool for marketing yourself and your business. It generates content that looks authentic and hardly takes any time. The fast Copywriting tool helps you create catchy intros, plagiarism-free content, informative and tone-friendly content.

If you search something on the title and description search bar, you will get different results. Furthermore, there are over 60 templates that help create a compelling copy that fits the description of what you're looking for. Some of them include Instagram captions, digital ad copy, blog ideas, product descriptions and sales copy.

Finally, After selecting the template, you have to provide a few details about your business to deliver a copy for your needs.

Copy Types You Can Generate With Copy.ai

  • Captions
  • Pain-agitate-solution
  • Can Generate video script and titles
  • Marketing angles
  • Headlines generator

What Makes Copy.ai A Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • It is easy to use
  • Works with any niche
  • It gives you access to new features
  • The software can personalize your ad accord according to your campaign.
  • Has a private Facebook community


The software offers a seven-day free trial for free. Or you can use the two paid plans below:

  • The solo project, which is suited for small businesses, costs $49 per month
  • Multiple seat plans are for larger companies or teams which have different pricing based on customization


CopySmith is a Copywriting software that uses machine learning to help you write high-quality copies. Furthermore, the software provides creative content in a time-saving way.

CopySmith creates accurate long-form posts for blog writers with the help of their unique article writing assistant. The tool can also rewrite paragraphs, enhance your content, and can generate outlines for your blog.

This copywriting software is best for freelancers, marketing agencies, e-commerce business owners, and in-house marketing teams. So, in summary, let’s indulge you in one of our little copywriting secrets. CopySmith is an excellent software for someone looking for plagiarism-free quality content, whether it's for promoting their business or for blog posts.

Copy Types You Can Generate With CopySmith.ai

  • Generate Facebook ads and Google ads
  • Captions
  • Unique content ideas
  • Generate product descriptions
  • SEO taglines

What Makes CopySmith.ai A Good Funnel Script Alternative?

  • You can create copies and brainstorm them all in one place
  • Have a variety of templates to work with
  • An excellent choice for e-commerce businesses, ad agencies, and is great for digital marketing.
  • Is the creation of award-winning copywriters and AI researchers
  • Offers complete training videos on how it works


You can start using the software with a free three-day trial, or you can upgrade to these three plans below:

  • The starter plan is $19 per month. It offers 50 credits and 20 plagiarism checks
  • The professional plan consists of unlimited credits, 100 plagiarism checks, and creates limited long-form content, all for $59 per month
  • The Enterprise plan offers unlimited credits, an authentic plagiarism checker, and unlimited long-form content

Is It Still Worth Investing In Funnel Scripts?

The choice depends on you and your preference. For example, whether you want to opt for funnel scripts or its competitors relies on the amount of money you're willing to spend. Funnel script free trial, unfortunately, isn’t an option, so you’ll have to buy the subscription to try it.

The funnel script alternatives offer quick and cheaper options. All in all, If you want to save up money and use AI software writing tools, then you can use one of the AI alternatives mentioned above.

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