The Best Funnel Mapping Tools For Marketing And Sales

Mapping your customer’s journey with your brand is a great way to gauge why your customers leave before the final purchase stage. However, manually funnel mapping your customers’ entire journey is a near-impossible task. It's not only tedious, but you also run the risk of missing out on some of the most crucial elements of the journey.

That's why we recommend using specially designed marketing and sales funnel tools to get a visual insight into your customer’s buying journey.

That said, there are a plethora of tools out there, and narrowing down your choices is a task on its own. If you were to take our advice, we strongly feel is one of the best, if not the best, funnel mapping software. It offers the benefits of both a marketing and sales funnel builder and live analytics and is a comprehensive tool that offers more than just funnel maps.

In this article, we tell you all about Marketplan and 9 other must-have funnel mapping tools for every brand and marketer, so read until the end!

Which is the Best Funnel Mapping Software?

Mapping tools are abundant online, claiming to be the best. So, to zero in on the authenticity of these tools, we ran our own tests and put together the top 10 funnel mapping software you shouldn't miss out on!

As mentioned earlier, is our #1 recommendation. It does not just help you chalk out your customer journey map, but its live performance tracking feature allows you to access real-time analytical data to see if your funnels are working as they should.

It has a diverse template section with an individual design for each business goal. In just one click, you get a comprehensive, pre-planned funnel map that you can edit as per your business metrics.

Click here to check out their demo.

Why do we like

Here are some features of that can benefit your company:

1. Live Analytics Is there even a point in designing a funnel if you cannot check its efficiency? fixes this problem with their live analytics that give you a glimpse into the real-time interaction of your potential customers.

2. Team Collaboration Funnel mapping, especially for large-scale organizations, isn't a one-person job by any stretch of the imagination. allows you to collaborate with your team members to together craft the perfect buying journey.

3. Custom Branded UI Once your funnel maps your customer’s interaction, focus on your website's UI to bring your plans to action. Luckily, and its custom branded UI features take care of that. Pricing offers 4 plans that include:

  • Forever Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: $9/month
  • Pro Plan: $29/month
  • Agency Plan: $79/month


Funnelytics is another excellent tool to visualize your customers' interaction with your brand and identify the potential hiccups driving them away. Funnelytics primarily focuses on your funnels' performance analytics. After all, it's crucial you're aware of whether your plan works or not.

You get detailed information about each customer interaction in one place. Starting from where a customer first discovered you to all their shopping and personal data, Funnelytics gives you access to it all. It helps you know your customer better and plan your next step accordingly.

Why Funnelytics

Here are some Funnelytics features that are worth mentioning:

1. Drag & Drop Builder Unlike other funnel mapping software, Funnelytics does not limit you to any pre-designed funnel template. Instead, you can build your funnel map with an easy-to-use drag and drop funnel builder.

2. External Traffic Tracking If you're receiving substantial traffic from an external source, it'd be wise not to take it for granted. Funnelyetics uses UTM tagging to discover these external sources that can be an excellent lead generation site for your business.

3. Easy Export The funnel maps are not just limited to the UX designer teams. That said, there's simply no point in inviting every department into your Funnelytics dashboard. That's why Funnelytcis offers easy PNG exports to facilitate seamless funnel map sharing with your team.

Funnelytics Pricing

Here's an overview of Funnelyetic’s pricing: Pro Plan: for up to 50,000 people

  • Monthly: $300
  • Annually: $3,600

Business: for up to 250,000 people

  • Monthly: $500
  • Annually: $6,000

Business Plus: for up to 1,000,000 people

  • Monthly: $1,000
  • Annually: $12,000

Other Fees: Mandatory onboarding and blueprint fee (one-time):

  • $1,500 (for other plans)
  • $3,000 (for business plans)

Funnel Flows

One of the best things about Funnel Flows is their variety in their templates and design categories. Designing a funnel map from scratch can be arduous and highly challenging, but with the professional templates and in-built builder tool of Funnel Flows, creating your business designs has never been easier.

Why Funnel Flows

Here's why Funnel Flows can be just the thing your business needs:

1. Multiple Template Categories Whether you want to design a landing page's flow or webinar pages, Funnel Flow has a template for it. Moreover, it also offers separate templates for lead generation funnel, survey funnel, launch funnel, etc.

2. User-friendly Interface A standout feature of Funnel Flow is its user-friendly interface. You don't have to be tech-savvy or a skilled designer to use it. Basic creativity and tech proficiency are all you need to churn and execute ideas.

3. Dynamic Business needs are forever evolving, and the good news is, Funnel Flows maintains a dynamic approach. They're constantly upgrading and launching new design ideas and elements to make your experience smooth and fruitful.

Funnel Flows Pricing

Funnel Flows offers a free 14-day trial, and that too, without asking for your credit card information. After that, you can switch to a pro plan costing $19 a month.


When it comes to business development and customer acquisition, funnel mapping tools alone aren't much help. You also need a powerful mind mapping tool to organize your ideas and shape them.

Mindmeister offers a seamless platform to brainstorm ideas with your team and design the idea's life cycle. For instance, with Mindmeister, you can jot down your primary idea, followed by the secondary ideas that emerge for different variables. Similarly, you can also plan out your project ideas to give them a structure and maintain a flow.

Why Mindmeister?

Here are a few benefits of using Mindmeister:

1. Styling & Color Coding Feature The entire purpose of mind mapping is to simplify project ideas and visualize the entire flow you are planning to implement. Despite the countless variables, categories, and sections, a dull, colorless map will be difficult to remember. That's why Mindmeister offers various color coding and styling options to segment each section of your plan.

2. Design Flexibility Mindmeister has made mind mapping super easy and flexible. For people who want a pre-designed template, it offers an array of prototypes to choose from. And for people who want to design their own idea from scratch, they offer an easy drag and drop builder.

3. Doubles Up as Project Management Tool Project management is as important as developing the project ideas, but with Mindmeister, you don't need to purchase separate project management and mind mapping software. You can use its sister software MeisterTask to manage your projects and bring your ideas to life.

Mindmeister Pricing

Mindmeister offers 4 types of plans that include:

  • Basic Plan: Free up to 3 months
  • Personal Plan: $2.49/month
  • Pro Plan: $4.19/month
  • Business Plan: $6.29/month


Miro is an all-in-one team collaboration platform where employees of your various departments can come together to work on a project virtually. Whether you want to brainstorm ideas, plan email marketing campaigns, or simply create a workflow for your team, Miro helps you with every type of team planning and collaboration.

If you are looking for an efficient remote working tool to bring your team together virtually, then Miro is the one for you. It offers pre-designed templates for the following business departments:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • UX & Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Management

Why Miro?

Here are some benefits of using Miro:

1. Seamless Team Collaboration Miro's interactive interface allows you to video call or chat with your team members in real-time as you work on the project. So you not only avoid the hassle of switching between multiple apps, but you also get to work on the same project together and at the same time.

2. Diverse Use Cases Businesses have countless requirements; that’s why Miro is limitless. Miro offers a variety of editable templates compatible with every type of planning, even if it's something as simple as workflow management or as crucial as project management.

3. Integration Although Miro offers a comprehensive suite of business tools, you might have an existing workflow that you cannot afford to disrupt. That's where you can take advantage of Miro’s easy software integrations to integrate your Miro dashboard with other tools like Google Analytics, JIRA, Slack, and Sketch.

Miro Pricing

Miro offers 4 types of plans that include:

  • Free: Lifetime
  • Team Plan: $8/member (monthly)
  • Business Plan: $16/month (monthly)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Planning


Creately is another popular visual designing and workflow management platform that's used by reputed brands like Netflix, NASA, Facebook, Amazon, etc. They offer a collaborative work environment that's as good as real!

Creately is the tool for visual representation through charts and diagrams. Just like Miro, Creately also offers a video-conferencing feature, allowing your team to work and discuss simultaneously so that projects get finalized more efficiently and effectively.

Why Creately?

Here are a few features of Creately that will help your business grow:

1. Flexible Designing Creately does not limit you to funnel maps or workflow design; its flexible interface allows you to design anything your business requires. Along with that, you can also draw on pictures and screenshots – in case you need to dissect them or map out a customer’s journey on your website's visual interface.

2. Innumerous Options Every business has a different visual and aesthetic theme that you cannot compromise with. Creately offers thousands of engaging templates and countless canvas to help you give life to your ideas and projects in your brand's aesthetics.

3. Easy Export You cannot limit your business to Creately alone. After all, it would require you to bring your entire company to their interface. Instead, use Creately's easy export feature to export your projects in multiple formats, compatible with various devices and systems.

Creately Pricing

Creately offers 4 types of plans:

  • Free: Lifetime
  • Personal Plan: $6.75/month
  • Team Plan: $8/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


If you are looking for software specializing in diagrams and flowcharts, Cacoo is a perfect choice. This cloud-based application helps you work and edit the same diagrams with your team in real-time. It also provides multiple interaction mediums for team members to communicate as they work on the projects.

Why Cacoo

Here are some benefits of using Cacoo for your business designs:

1. Lag-free Screen Sharing Sometimes, just getting on a call to discuss an idea with your team isn't enough. Some complex issues require you to see it for yourself; that’s where Cacoo’s user interface can help you. It offers a lag-free screen sharing option where you and your teammates can collaborate and work on the diagrams together.

In addition to that, they also offer video conferencing and chat options that allow you to communicate with your team.

2. Multi-user Editing Sure, lag-free screen sharing helps all your team members to visit the project design together, but Cacoo takes it up a notch with their multi-user editing feature. This means your team can see and edit the project together.

3. In-built Commenting Feature Although real-time collaboration and multi-user editing make remote work a breeze, each of your team members can’t be available to work simultaneously. That’s where Cacoo’s commenting feature steps in. If you have a note for your colleague, simply leave a comment in the concerned area.

Cacoo Pricing

Cacoo does not have a free plan. However, you can sign up for a free trial at just $5/ month.

Large scale organizations can opt for an enterprise plan at $1500/year for up to 10 members.


Lucidchart is a famous web-based diagram and design tool that brands use to build a shared perspective and visual representation of their business plans—used by 99% of the Fortune 500 companies, including Google. HP, Amazon, Microsoft, NBC, etc., Lucidchart helps you create and analyze maps, flowcharts, and even UML models.

Why Lucidcharts

Here are a few ways in which Lucidcharts can help your business:

1. Easy Integration

There's no need for you to do away with your third-party software that's already a part of your workflow! Instead, simply integrate them with your Lucidcharts account and access every software's data from one single platform.

2. Reliable & Secure The fact that Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Microsoft are using Lucidchart is proof enough that they have a very reliable and safe network. With password-protected entities and an excellent service record, you can trust Lucidcharts with your confidential business information.

  1. Visualise Technical Systems Lucidcharts does not just allow you to design your own charts and diagrams, but it also gives you an insight into the intricate operations of your existing tech systems. So if you ever need a visual representation of any plugin or technical asset of your business, Lucidchart is your best bet.

Lucidcharts Pricing

Lucidcharts offers 4 plans:

  • Free plan: Lifetime
  • Individual: starting from $7.95
  • Team: starting from $6.67 per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Some business operations do not need fancy templates or canvases; all you need is a whiteboard to explain and draw out your ideas for the team to brainstorm. If you are looking for an intuitive whiteboard to sketch funnels with your remote team, then Sketchboard can serve you well.

With over 720,000 active users, Sketchbard's USP is an organic visual appeal that boosts team productivity and engagement. Moreover, you can choose from over 400 sketch shapes.

Why Sketchboard

Here are a few Sketchboard features that can help your business:

1. Multiple Plans If you are just starting out, investing a hefty sum in a business tool is not feasible. With Sketchboard, you get 4 different pricing plans that are affordable enough for every business to kickstart their journey.

2. Easy Sketching Not every situation demands animated design components or graphic templates; sometimes, all that you need is a simple whiteboard to sketch your ideas on. However, when it comes to drawing online, a lot of platforms lack sufficient control over their drawing tools.

Sketchboard, on the contrary, has a vast collection of sketch symbols, and you can easily sketch on their interface for quality visual communication.

3. Drag and Drop Builder You no longer have to worry about the technical complexities of sketching on a virtual interface. With Sketchboard and its easy-to-use drag and drop design-builder, you can now design everything your business needs in just a few seconds.

Sketchboard Pricing

Here's a brief overview of Sketchboard pricing plans:

  • Solo: $8/month for 1 user
  • Team: $7/month for 2 or more user
  • Business: $9/month for 5 or more users
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Google Drawing

If you're a newbie in this business, you might not be able to afford paid mapping and designing tools. In that case, you can try Google Drawing. Google ownership is a reliability and safety stamp in its own right.

Moreover, Google Drawing is also reasonably simple to use. All you need to sketch out perfect business designs is a good command over your device controls.

Why Google Drawing?

Here are some features of Google Drawing that make it worth your attention:

1. No Need to Create an Account

Virtual designing has never been this easy. All that you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop to start designing on Google Drawing – no registration needed!

2. You Can Leave Comments Although Google Drawing does not offer any advanced team interaction methods, you can still leave comments on the designs for your colleagues. Moreover, it also permits multiple users to log in and edit at the same time.

3. Upload Your Own Images You'll never be too reliant on Google Drawings' designing tools; simply upload and edit your own images in the software. You can even combine your pre-designed image files with the drawing controls on the tool.

Google Drawing Pricing

Like every Google product, Google Drawing is completely free, and you never have to pay a penny to use it.

Is there a free sales funnel tool?

Some tools with either a free lifetime plan or a free trial period are Google Drawing, Lucidchart, Miro, Creately, Mindmeister, Funnel Flows, and You can use any of these sales funnel software to create a free sales funnel.

What's better than Clickfunnels?

We recommend you go for Marketplan. With their diverse range of mapping, planning, and insight tools, your business will have the edge it deserves.

Does funnel mapping require designing skills?

NO, almost all tools and software have their own templates and drag and drop builders to help you craft the funnel maps.

Are funnel tools safe to use?

Funnel mapping is as important as your digital marketing strategy and product development. That's why this industry prioritizes the security and confidentiality of funnel ideas. Develop conversion funnels, track your prospects' interaction, and scale your business without worrying about a security breach.

Final Thoughts

Funnel mapping and business designs play a crucial role in keeping your workflow organized and tailoring the perfect buying journey for your customers. For something as essential as this, you mustn’t compromise when selecting your funnel mapping tool.

Our tried and tested list of the best funnel mapping tools is everything you will need to design your company’s success. All the best!

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