Best Data Enrichment Tools for Emails & Contacts

    Getting only highly qualified leads makes SaaS sales so much easier. But the reality is that teams suffer from low conversion rates because the leads that come in either lack enough data to properly qualify them or even have incorrect information, to begin with.

    According to research published by eGentic, for every 100 leads generated, almost 30-40 have incomplete or incorrect data. Of course, it may not be intentional all the time. However, inaccurate data does cost your business a lot of money. To be precise, inaccurate CRM data may cost up to 30% of the business revenue for B2B organizations.

    Your team needs to include a data enrichment tool into your process so that every lead that comes is rich with information to base your qualifications on.

    3 Types of Lead Enrichment Tools

    In simple words, data enrichment is a process of making your collected data more useful often with the help of third-party tools. Data empowers businesses and leaders with facts & trends that help them make an informed decision rather than speculation.

    For a SaaS business, three types of enrichment tools are generally enough to improve the quality of leads and increase closures. These tools are:

    Email Enrichment Tools

    Emails are probably one of the most frequent methods of business communication. But before you send an email, make sure it reaches the right person. Chatting for hours with an unauthorized person will only waste your time, energy & resources. But if you have the correct email addresses, you can do wonders in your sales numbers.

    An email enrichment tool can help dig deeper for you and extract some crucial personal & social information such as phone number, address, designation, etc. This information can help you talk to the right person at the right time. Bingo!

    Contact Enrichment Tools

    While you may think that a correct email address can land your well-written pitch to some person, but is that an actual person who is worthy of your efforts? You may have an email address of the IT guy & that address may be absolutely correct. But will that do any favor to your SaaS sales? Never!

    You will need a tool that can give you some additional details of your prospect. Contact enrichment tools can do that for you. You can get the details of the potential customer available online such as social profiles, addresses of operation, any additional email addresses & many more.

    Data Enrichment Tools

    You probably are still unsure about how you can enrich data at your disposal. But with data enrichment platforms, you can get all the necessary information that helps you close the deal. In addition, these tools can do so many things to enrich the existing data that you make the best impression possible in your first meeting with a prospect.

    With today's competitive market, data or lead enrichment has reached its heights. You are not only getting the email address or telephone number of a prospect but also other valuable things like educational & professional information, age, gender, designation, etc. In addition, some tools let you know about the relatives, associated people, addresses, properties, criminal records, and even vehicle details. With that amount of data about a person you will deal with, you can precisely point to the main subject.

    Benefits of Data Enrichment

    Data is the most valuable intellectual asset for any organization that needs to be treated and enriched regularly. On average, an organization increases its sales by 50% with data enrichment techniques. One of the most significant benefits of data enrichment is keeping a company's database relevant and valuable. If you think you have enough data at the moment and there is no need for its enrichment, you are soon going to make your entire database a waste occupying GBs or TBs of memory. Almost one-third of your data (about 30%) decays every year, and this fraction can cause millions of dollars to your firm.

    Data enrichment is an answer to most of your data-related questions. For example, you can track your prospects, their current job status, demographics, financial health, and many more aspects of your concern. Data enrichment tools are also powered by segmentation, automation, and personalization capabilities, making it easier for your sales reps to focus on primary tasks.

    If you have ever used a data enrichment tool, you know how confident you feel before dialing a prospect. You have ample details of who you are talking to and what you can talk about, ultimately improving the quality of your pitch. Some of the attributed benefits of using data enrichment tools are:

    Fills your Pocket with Data

    Well, it's obvious but an inescapable fact that data enrichment tools help you access some of the crucial information about a prospect that becomes pivotal in closing the deal. The more the data, the better the proposal. When you know what your potential customers want, you can develop a solution that perfectly matches their needs.

    Be Confident with the Accurate Data

    The data that you get from data enrichment tools is from verified sources. With most of the tools, you also get real-time information. So, if you are using a suitable platform, you can close the deal with accurate data.

    Personalization with Prospects

    Many tools let you know about the people who visited your website. For example, they let you know which pages they were on and where they spent most of their time. It's a piece of vital information that helps you understand their intent. And if you know the purpose, you can talk precisely about what a prospect wants to hear.

    Quick Sales & Better Numbers

    With more data quickly available at your disposal, you can notably squeeze your sales cycle. In general, the data enrichment tools offer several add-on features for automating your processes that save a significant amount of time for your sales and marketing teams.

    Best Email Enrichment Tools


    Datanyze used as an email enrichment tool

    Datanyze is a tool that uses a company's technographic profile. With the understanding of the technology stack and usage, it can help your sales team find & connect with businesses. The best thing Datanyze does is to provide your sales team with the working contact information from LinkedIn through an extension. It gives your sales team the power to email and phone-call your prospects.

    What makes Datanyze a prominent player in the list of data enrichment tools is its role in offering cold calling & email outreach besides lead enrichment. You also get the features to create a segmented list of data that you can export at any time.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched with Datanyze

    • Working contact information from LinkedIn
    • Cold calls & email outreach
    • B2B contact information

    Datanyze Pricing

    It offers a 90-day free trial where you get some primary features such as email addresses, phone numbers, and chrome extension.

    The premium plans begin with $55 per month if billed monthly. If you want to take a yearly plan, it will cost you $468 ($39 per month). You can choose a suitable plan and enjoy your sales process. used as an email enrichment tool

    If you know the domain name of your prospect's company or know an email and want to verify it, can be your best friend. It is one of the most straightforward email enrichment tools that can offer bulk data. You need to type the domain in the search bar, and you get all the public emails linked with the field. However, you can also find an email address by typing the employee's name with their company domain.

    With Hunter, you can download the data in CSV format. In addition, you can filter the email addresses of the company employees based on their departments and jobs. It also gives a neat feature of cold email campaigns where you can send and follow up emails. Finally, the tool also allows analytics to see the performance of your email campaigns. How about that!

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched with

    • Find emails & verify them
    • Bulk email search & verification
    • Find the email address of the author of a web page
    • Email status (if it is professional, valid, or taking emails)
    • Integration with different CRMs Pricing

    Besides its free plan with a limited number of searches & verifications, Hunter offers a wide range of subscription plans depending upon the usage. It gives you two choices of billing cycles - monthly & yearly. However, you will see four types of subscription plans - Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Below is the detail of subscription plans for yearly & monthly billing cycles.


    • Starter: $49/month
    • Growth: $99/month
    • Pro: $199/month
    • Enterprise: $399/month


    • Starter: $34/month (billed yearly)
    • Growth: $69/month (billed yearly)
    • Pro: $139/month (billed yearly)
    • Enterprise: $279/month (billed yearly)

    Each plan has a fixed number of searches & verifications per month. If you think you still don't fit in any of these plans, fear not. Hunter provides an excellent feature of customizing your subscription plan. You can contact the support team and get the best deal based on your needs.

    Salesblink used as an email enrichment tool

    In our list of the best email enrichment tools, the next one is one of the most convenient tools called Salesblink. You can call it an all-in-one cold outreach platform that will help your sales team from prospecting to outreach to closing a deal. Its features include email search & verification, cold email/call outreach, LinkedIn outreach, meeting scheduler, deal pipeline, CRM, etc.

    Salesblink can also become an efficient task management tool by taking care of most sales-related operations. In addition, it helps in data enrichment for the team and helps them schedule and manage outreach campaigns.

    What kind of data can be enriched with Salesblink

    • B2B company data to search companies from different countries, industries, or sizes
    • People search with the help of company domain and email addresses

    Salesblink pricing

    Salesblink offers a 14-day free trial. Its subscription plans are divided into monthly and yearly billing cycles. For example, its growth plan costs $49 per user per month for the monthly billing cycle, whereas if you are a team of more than 25 people, you can get better deals from Salesblink. For yearly billing, the Growth plan costs $490 per user per year. And again, for a team size of more than 25, custom deals are available.


    Tomba used as an email enrichment tool

    Moving ahead, we have Tomba on our list as one of the best email enrichment tools that helps you find & verify emails and manage your leads. It is an easy-to-use tool that lets you find emails through domain search. It also gives a detailed description such as sources, date of extraction, etc., for the emails you want to inquire about.

    You can export your search results in CSV format. Besides, the verification feature of Tomba works very well too. You get a detailed confidence score for each email that lets you know if you should email someone or not. It also allows you to find and verify emails in bulk.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Tomba

    • Find emails & verify them
    • Bulk email search & verification

    Tomba Pricing

    Tomba offers a free plan with a browser extension where you get limited searches and verifications per month. Like other tools, it does have both monthly and yearly billing cycles with the following rates for monthly plans:

    • Starter: $39/month
    • Growth: $89/month
    • Pro: $189/month
    • Enterprise: $389/month

    The annual billing cycle saves almost 30% of the cost incurred in the monthly plans. You can choose the right plan based on your needs for the listed features.


    Snov used as an email enrichment tool

    If you want to use it as an email enrichment tool, you also get an efficient tool for contact management and cold outreach. For email enrichment, you have to use its API or the chrome extension. Searching emails becomes so easy with Snov that if you open a website, the extension directly lets you find and save people's emails linked to the website.

    Through API, you can get all the information linked with an email address. But it is worth noting that it only covers emails and email-related data.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Snov

    • Email address search through the extension
    • Email address search through domain
    • Email verification

    Snov Pricing

    Snov works in a freemium model. It offers a lifetime free plan with limited credits & campaigns, but the paid plans have a long list. Based on the features & services offered, below are the subscription plans:

    • S (suitable for startups & solopreneurs): $39/month
    • M (suitable for small sales & marketing teams): $79/month
    • L (suitable for expanding outreach): $169/month
    • XL (suitable for established sales teams): $289/month
    • XXL (suitable for agencies & enterprises): $578/month
    • Snov also offers a yearly billing cycle that has two months of free services

    Below are the monthly charges (paid annually):

    • S (suitable for startups & solopreneurs): $33/month
    • M (suitable for small sales & marketing teams): $66/month
    • L (suitable for expanding outreach): $141/month
    • XL (suitable for established sales teams): $241/month
    • XXL (suitable for agencies & enterprises): $482/month

    Best Contact enrichment tools


    LeadGenius used as a contact enrichment tool

    Like its name, LeadGenius is a genius tool that uses machine learning to help B2B sales teams to scale their outbound processes. It's a versatile tool that helps in multiple tasks like automated profiling, B2B data extraction, and CRM.

    LeadGenius comes with two different products; Flow & DataHub. Flow lets you automate your sales & marketing process so you can focus more on a deal. LeadGenius has personalized the web crawler that allows you to acquire custom or project-specific data. It is a unique feature that probably no other company offers. In addition, it makes DataHub a self-service tool for complex data requests and analyzing results.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With LeadGenius

    • User profile with contact details and designations
    • Contact & company data

    LeadGenius Pricing

    Both of the LeadGenius products come with a free plan with limited credits. Flow comes with a $50/month premium plan suitable for small & medium size teams. For enterprises, it provides custom plans.


    FullContact used as a contact enrichment tool

    FullContact is a SaaS provider that enables businesses to enrich personal identifiers. It becomes a crucial tool with its identity graph feature to identify an individual from millions of people.

    FullContact can map fragmented identities into a real personal ID. Besides, it also updates the real-time data of individuals most accurately. And above all, your data is perfectly secured. You can manage the access, usage, and confidence levels of IDs.

    What Kind of Enriched Data can be Found With FullContact

    • Contact data & verification (email, phone, company, role, experience, etc.)
    • Company data & verification (leadership, financials, industry, products, etc.)

    FullContact Pricing

    FullContact offers a free API key with 1000 matches. However, to get more data from FullContact, you need to contact them for different features and offers.


    Peoplelooker used as a contact enrichment tool

    If you are looking to find as much info about a person as possible, Peoplelooker is the right contact enrichment tool for you. Just type the name and press the search button. Your results will be in front of you in no time.

    Peoplelooker uses first-party data as well as third-party data to check the name on multiple platforms, giving you a lot of extra details about the person that can help you close the deal efficiently. The data quality is pretty impressive, as can find contact info, age, emails, addresses, relatives, criminal & civil records, professional details, social media accounts, etc. Of course, premium data sources can also provide you with more sensitive information at a little higher price.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched with Peoplelooker

    • Person details like a picture, age, gender, address, contact information
    • Email, phone number, property search
    • Family, relatives, and associated people
    • Professional and educational information
    • Social media details
    • Criminal records

    Peoplelooker Pricing

    For a background check, Peoplelooker is one of the highly recommended tools you will see online. It offers a $1 trial for a few days. Once you exhaust the trial period, it charges $22.86 for one month and $54.83 ($18.28/month) for a 3-month subscription.


    BeenVerified used as a contact enrichment tool

    BeenVerified is one of the most accessible tools for data enrichment that you can use to search for a person in the USA. It works pretty similar to Peoplelooker and helps you get both personal and professional data of a person.

    You can find BeenVerified as one of the most beneficial data enrichment tools that can do a thorough background check for almost any person in the USA. It also offers premium features like enabling monitoring, etc.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With BeenVerified

    • People's public record
    • Phone numbers & email lookup
    • Address, properties, & vehicle lookup
    • B2B contact details
    • Social media & relatives
    • Criminal records

    BeenVerified Pricing

    BeenVerified offers a 1-month membership for $29.99. Other than that, you can also purchase a 3-month membership for $58.47 ($19.49/month). The membership will include unlimited background reports, contact information, phone lookups, email lookups, address lookups, and criminal records. To get additional premium features, you can pay $14.86 & explore legal judgment, liens, licenses, permits, registrations, and filings of your prospect.


    Zoominfo used as a contact enrichment tool

    ZoomInfo has one of the most comprehensive B2B databases in the world. It does the best for your sales team by empowering them to identify, connect, and engage with qualified leads. It's also an all-in-one solution with several sales automation features.

    ZoomInfo makes lead enrichment very easy with its 360-degree view. As a result, your sales team can thoroughly inspect the prospect before any and every step of the sales cycle.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Zoominfo

    • B2B (Company) contact data
    • Company insights
    • B2B data segmentation

    Zoominfo Pricing

    ZoomInfo offers three different subscription plans - Professional, Advanced, and Elite. You can start with a free trial in the Professional plan. However, for the other two, you need to contact the team.


    Crunchbase used as a contact enrichment tool

    Crunchbase is one of the top data providers of B2B prospecting solutions in the market. It has over 60 million users from almost every market domain. It is a mixture of lead enrichment and CRM systems that help small to large companies improve their closing rates.

    With Crunchbase, you get live data to identify new prospects. It also helps you in data segmentation for formulating an effective sales strategy. Crunchbase features a unique set of information where you get to know about the funds a company raises. It helps you to time your sales cycle ideally to match a company's financial health.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Crunchbase

    • Lead enrichment through live data
    • Company data (investments, leadership, acquisitions, etc.) in flexible formats

    Crunchbase Pricing

    Crunchbase offers a free plan for you to check some basic details about companies. However, if you want a detailed description, you can choose any of the following:

    • Starter: $29/user/month (billed annually)
    • Pro: $49/user/month (billed annually)
    • Enterprises: custom billing


    Clearbit used as a contact enrichment tool

    Clearbit is a specialized marketing engine that offers data or lead enrichment also. It's a tool that helps you to recognize your prospects and establish a personalized engagement with them. With the help of Clearbit, you can identify the ideal customer through a profile analysis, company details, contacts, and additional information to get deeper insights into each lead.

    Clearbit API allows you to integrate with your CRMs and marketing platforms. All in all, it does every bit in lead capture, lead nurturing, and closing. It also improves social media advertising with live data, tracks conversions, and manages outbound email campaigns.

    What Kind of Customer Data Enrichment Can be Done With Clearbit

    • B2B contact data
    • Prospect data for lead enrichment
    • Bulk data management

    Clearbit Pricing

    Clearbit offers custom pricing for each business. The subscription plans are both monthly and yearly billed. However, the prices depend on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and contract creation.

    Best Data Enrichment Tools


    RingLead used as a data enrichment tool

    As a lead enrichment tool, RingLead is a crucial player in the market that brings detailed information about your leads through third-party data sources. In addition, it helps sales teams automate their processes like managing duplicates, data normalization, segmentation, enrichment, routing, and many others. FYI, ZoomInfo has acquired RingLead.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With RingLead

    • Contact & account details for validation, enhancement, normalization, and segmentation
    • Email & CRM list segments
    • real-time & batch information

    RingLead Pricing

    RingLead offers a free trial of the complete platform. However, for premium plans, you need to contact their sales team.


    Leadfeeder used as a data enrichment tool

    You can easily guess what Leadfeeder does by its name. It is a lead generation tool used for B2B deals. However, it is also a good sales & marketing tool, and you can use it to enhance your sales efforts.

    The best thing about Leadfeeder is that it uncovers the businesses who visit your website but don't fill the contact form. Its role becomes even more crucial in the sales cycle as it lets you know visitors' interest by showing their visit's analytics.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Leadfeeder

    • Contact data
    • Company data
    • Industry based research
    • Verification & accuracy of company or contact data

    Leadfeeder Pricing

    Leadfeeder gives you two different types of subscription plans - Lite & Premium. The Lite plan is a lifetime free plan with 100 leads per month, whereas the premium plan costs €63/month.

    Encharge used as a data enrichment tool

    Encharge is another all-in-one kind of platform that does so many things for you. Its main modules include marketing automation, lead nurturing, user onboarding, trial conversions, etc. With Encharge, you get to know what people do on your website that helps you to write an email that connects better with your prospects. It's a highly efficient tool for small businesses & startups for growing their revenue. A great use case for a tool like this will be when you create a marketing campaign and are able to collect data on their engagement.

    • Since Encharge comes with a way to score your leads based on their behavior, imagine this scenario:
    • Your lead goes to your website and signs up for a demo (10 Points)
    • While they are exploring your website, they sign up for your Newsletter (5 Points)
    • You send out your newsletter and they click on one of the links that bring them to your blog post (5 Points for opening the email and 10 Points for clicking on a link)
    • Your next newsletter is promoting a webinar which they sign up for (5 Points for opening the email and 20 Points for signing up to the webinar) This is the kind of insight, you really add a lot of valuable info to each lead and focus your efforts on the most engaged.

    What Kind of Data Enhancement can be Made With Encharge

    • Customer profiling and segmentation
    • Lead Scoring
    • Lead nurturing
    • Lead generation
    • Email verification
    • Real-time website tracking & analytics

    Encharge Pricing

    Encharge has two types of subscription plans - Growth & Premium. However, the pricing in these plans varies with the number of subscribers you have. For example, the Growth plan costs $49 for up to 2000 subscribers, whereas the premium plan costs $59 for the same number of subscribers. Similarly, for 100-150K users, the charges are $999 & $1199, respectively.


    Happierleads used a data enrichment tool

    Happierleads is the last tool in our list of top data & lead enrichment tools. It is a lead generation tool that gives you information on every person who visits your website. The report includes a visitor's contact details, company where they worked, number of visits, pages they visit, and time spent on each visited page.

    This tool lets your sales team focus more on what exactly your prospect wants. And if you click the pain point, the deal is halfway done already. You can use prospect information & also integrate it with your email and CRM platforms.

    What Kind of Data can be Enriched With Happierleads

    • Contact database & profiling
    • Lead generation & segmentation
    • Lead verification for quality
    • Real-time information

    Happierleads Pricing

    Happierleads pricing is done based on the number of leads. For annual billing, the plans start with $69/month, getting up to 100 tips. Going up, it will cost you $999/month for up to 5K leads. If you want more than that, then it's time for you to contact the sales team of Happierleads.

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