Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for Outreach and Lead Generation

    With a user base of a whopping 675 million, LinkedIn certainly offers a sweet spot for business outreach. Thanks to the site's accessibility and influence, many leading sales reps leverage it to tap in potential leads, qualify them for business, and close some of the best deals. But despite painting this rosy picture, LinkedIn can often be quite time-consuming when it comes to generating potential leads.

    Save yourself hours of manual outreach using LinkedIn automation tools. But with hundreds of LinkedIn automation tools out there, only a few actually are allowed under LinkedIn's user agreement.

    LinkedIn explicitly prohibits using, "bots or other automated methods to access the Services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages."

    To help you out, we have created this comprehensive list of the best LinkedIn automation tools in business that won't get your account banned. Additionally, for those that think that rules are meant to be broken, we have included a few automation tools that don't completely follow the rules but will make your life a lot easier. So, if you want to up your marketing game and boost engagement, here’s everything you need to know.

    Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

    Best overall multichannel outreach tool is the best LinkedIn automation tool overall multichannel outreach tool

    If you are looking for something that is great in almost every category, might just be your best bet! This is the best overall automation tool, thanks to its multichannel outreach and excellent sales engagement options. The tool is powered by an excellent AI-backed algorithm that helps sales reps automate the otherwise tedious sales engagement messages. What’s more, it also comes with an excellent reporting system that monitors all activities of team members and then automatically adds them to your existing CRM. leverages native integrations and comes with a superb API with 40+ engagement methods. Key takeaways include the LinkedIn Email Finder tool that helps source email and contact details from a LinkedIn user profile, social media, sales navigator, and more. This feature also helps extract bulk data and email. Next, we have the Email warm-up feature that automatically warms up and delivers engagement-focused emails. This saves you time and also gives you an edge over generic cold emails. Finally, the tool simplifies email and phone validation and lets you engage and drive prospects through different channels, including (but not limited to) personal emails, calls, A/B testing, tailored messaging, and branded links.

    Key features

    • Semi-automated tasks for LinkedIn outreach and pre-populated emails with complete customization options to scale digital marketing
    • Efficient Chrome extension for tapping in bulk email contacts, extracting prospect data, email and phone sourcing, and more
    • Native integration, targeted third-party services and recommended tools to validated and leads for your outreach campaigns with
    • Powered by the Window mode and compatible with Gmail
    • Validate potential email leads through in-built email and phone validation
    • Get leads to love your email with automated email warm-up, enhanced email-deliverability booster, multiple warm-up profiles, and more
    • Connect with prospects via social media channels, Zapier steps, branded links, A/B testing, and customized messaging options, among many
    • Enjoy automated email follow-ups at just the right time and frequency
    • Leverage quick and efficient contact segmentation
    • Automatically pull leads\contacts from CRM based on preferred criteria
    • Share contacts, email and sequence templates, schedules, and sequences


    For businesses, pricing starts at $50 per month, per user for 10 users. Other options include $60 per month for five users and $70 per month for three users.

    Best for automating cold outreach

    Salesblink is the best LinkedIn automation tool for automating cold outreach

    If you’re looking for a strong outreach automation tool, is just the right one. The tool makes way for an excellent first impression thanks to its automated LinkedIn, Cold Call, and Cold Email outreach options. What's more, it lets you monitor the current status of your LinkedIn requests keeping you in the loop of your sales pipelines and A/B testing statuses.

    Key takeaways include fully automated sales funnels, the ability to track outcome replies to connection requests, the ability to develop your personal LinkedIn sequences as per the outcome, and outreach integration options with multiple networking channels.

    Key features

    • A dedicated LinkedIn outreach tool for better and lasting first impressions
    • Monitor the status of message and connection requests with a single click
    • Integrate LinkedIn with multiple sales channels for maximum outreach
    • Develop and monitor LinkedIn sequences based on multiple outcomes with ease
    • Track what outreach strategy is working for your business and maximize outcomes
    • Track existing sales pipelines and A/B test sales funnels with a few taps
    • Send customized messages on LinkedIn through a LinkedIn automation tool


    Salesblink comes with a monthly and annual plan. The monthly plan starts at $49 per user and the yearly plan starts at $490 per user. If you have a larger team with more than 25 people, Salesblink will develop a customized pricing plan just for you!


    Best for LinkedIn research

    Salesloop is the best LinkedIn automation tool for LinkedIn research

    If you are tired of manually searching for the right leads, Salesloop’s LinkedIn automation tool deserves your attention! Designed for both independent professionals and enterprises, this platform simplifies research through its powerful Ai-powered automation. Using this tool is equally simple. You just need to upload a CSV file of the target companies and you’re good to go! The tool will then immediately find the targeted companies thanks to its powerful automation. Salesloop also helps you to identify your target customer and boost outreach sequences with customized messages, dedicated message campaigns, and its advanced proprietary technology.

    Key features

    • Identify target companies in minutes by adding their CSV and LinkedIn/Sales Navigator URL
    • Connect with your customers better by creating customized message campaigns
    • Enter the job title of your target customer and get personalized content in minutes
    • Automate outreach sequences across LinkedIn and other social media platforms
    • Set a frequency, customize the content, and get the message delivered to your leads automatically


    Salesloop’s Solo plan starts at $49 per month, the Team plan starts at $199 per month and Managed Service plan starts at $799 a month.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Best for Linkedin prospecting

    Salesnavigator is the best LinkedIn automation tool for LinkedIn prospecting

    Enjoy targeted leads at a few clicks with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This is a premium tool to target prospective leads, assess key business metrics, and set automated engagement with the targeted leads. Sales Navigator lets you perform an advanced search to target leads that are truly meaningful for your business. What’s more, it also offers lead recommendations and can be integrated with any existing CRM.

    Key features

    • Enjoy a dedicated and fully automated search experience that drives targeted leads in bulk
    • Get automated recommendations for prospective leads and send customized messages to leads in a single click
    • Save your LinkedIn prospects in any CRM with your dedicated dashboard
    • Get insights and updates on key business metrics
    • Sync notes for your prospective lead in any CRM


    Currently, Sales Navigator's Professional plan is available at $79.99 per user per month and the Team plan is available at $108.33 per user per month. All plans are billed annually. The company also offers a personalized Enterprise plan, and you have to contact them for the best deal on this plan.

    LinkedIn tools that bend the rules

    Octopus CRM

    Best for LinkedIn lead generation is the best LinkedIn automation tool for LinkedIn lead generation

    If you're looking for a LinkedIn automation tool that focuses on lead generation, Octopus CRM is your answer. The tool operates on autopilot and it fully automates connection requests, message content, skill endorsement, and everything in between. What's more, Octopus CRM also lets you visit other LinkedIn profiles automatically immediately after you set the parameters for your target audience.

    Thanks to the software, you can create your own LinkedIn lead generation funnel with customizable features and a dedicated dashboard that stores all your potential prospects. The tool further leverages LinkedIn automation to help assess your performance by observing crucial metrics like your social selling index. This automation tool also comes integrated with Hubspot, and Zapier and is compatible with all types of LinkedIn accounts.

    Key features

    • Automate customized connection requests to second and third-level connections
    • Create your personalized sales funnel with a dedicated dashboard featuring your potential prospects
    • Automatically send bulk messages to first level connections
    • Evaluate key performance metrics like social selling index and more
    • Automate skill endorsement of 7+ skills
    • Move LinkedIn data to HubSpot or Zapier automatically
    • Send personalized bulk follow-up messages in all LinkedIn profiles (Sales navigator, Premium, Recruiter Lite, et al)
    • Track LinkedIn performance and get consistent, real-time alerts in case of changes/suspicious activities


    Octopus CRM's starter plan is available at $9.99 a month, Pro plan starts at $14.99 a month, Advanced Plan starts at $21.99 a month, and Unlimited plan starts at $39.99 a month. The company also offers annual plans at a significantly cheaper rate.


    Best tool for your budget

    Linkedhelper is the best LinkedIn automation tool tool for your budget

    LinkedHelper is an excellent tool for anyone who is looking for dedicated LinkedIn automation options on a budget. This tool automates connection and message requests replies to messages, profile visiting, sequential messaging, endorsements, and more. In addition, it also helps you create a fully targeted mailing list and automatically adds your personalized signature to all LinkedIn messages.

    Key features

    • Get targeted contacts in a single click by automating connection requests to second and third-level connections
    • Send sequential messages, customized email signatures, and visit bulk profiles automatically
    • Enhance your LinkedIn profile's reach through automated endorsements
    • Automatically add new followers or unfollow existing users and withdraw pending invites with the Invites Canceller feature
    • Build your dedicated lead generation funnel with the Lists Manager feature
    • Automatically invite 1st connections to join LinkedIn groups


    The pricing of LinkedHelper is unique, to say the least. The monthly plan starts at $15, the trimester plan starts at $13.33 per month, the bi-annual plan starts at $10 a month, and the annual plan starts at $8.25 a month. Payments for all plans are consolidated and one-time.


    Best for automatic engagement

    Dux-soup is the best LinkedIn automation tool for automatic engagement

    Dux-Soup is one of the best platforms to automatically target and engage LinkedIn prospects. Thanks to this tool, you can now enjoy automatic endorsements, customized personal requests, multiple customized messages all with a single click.

    Once you customize the content and add specific parameters, the tool will immediately operate from your browser, performing otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks like sending connection requests, personalized messages, and more. Because it operates from your browser, you get to monitor the entire activity and enjoy complete visibility over your LinkedIn profile.

    Key features

    • Automate time-consuming tasks like finding targeted LinkedIn leads, sending customized email messages, endorsing connections, and more
    • Build and expand your network with auto messaging capabilities
    • Tag and filter prospects for better and targeted results
    • Run multiple lead generation campaigns simultaneously and automatically
    • Integrate the tool with your existing CRM for faster lead generation
    • Enjoy a dedicated LinkedIn sales funnel for your specific requirements
    • Monitor and tweak digital marketing campaigns as needed


    Dux-Soup currently has three plans namely the Starter Dux that comes free of cost, Pro-Dux that starts at $11.25 per month, and Turbo-Dux that starts at $41.25 per month.


    Best for automating data mining is the best LinkedIn automation tool for automating data mining

    If you're looking to extract data for automated LinkedIn lead generation, the Texau app is one of your top options. This app comes with 180+ variants of automation on 10 different platforms including LinkedIn. All you need to do is fill in some simple details and the tool does the rest on your behalf.

    Texau lets you find easily trackable leads through the Job title search and similar features. Additionally, you also get the option of downloading data or transferring them to your preferred CRM apps.

    Key features

    • Extract LinkedIn Data through automated data mining capacities and trap targeted leads in minutes
    • Filters lead according to Job Titles for better and targeted results
    • Integrate data to your favorite CRM apps with a few clicks
    • Automate 180+ tedious manual tasks on LinkedIn for bulk lead generation and guaranteed results
    • Automate growth by enriching your data and converting competitors to LinkedIn followers


    Texau's Cloud Starter plan starts at $290 per year, Cloud Growth plan starts at $790 per year, and Cloud Agency plan starts at $1990 per year.


    Best for automating tasks

    Phantombuster is the best LinkedIn automation tool for automating tasks

    Phantom Buster is an excellent tool to drive overall growth through data extraction, automated lead generation, automated LinkedIn outreach, and more. It automates a series of chain tasks like sending connection requests to LinkedIn prospects, sending LinkedIn messages, endorsing connections, et al. You can also build your dedicated workflow by automating these chain actions.

    Key features

    • Build a workflow of automated chain tasks like sending connection requests, following connections, sending customized messages, and endorsing connections
    • Get information about targeted companies through their dedicated Linkedin Scraping tool
    • Set customized trigger actions at your own pace
    • Scrape content from LinkedIn messages in a few minutes
    • Extract data from Linkedin Sales Navigator and other social media platforms


    Phantom Buster's Growth Hacker plan starts at $30 per month, the Business plan starts at $70 per month, the Enterprise plan starts at $200 per month, and the Premium plan starts at $900 per month.


    Best for creating LinkedIn social engagement

    Lempod is the best for creating LinkedIn social engagement

    If you are looking to boost business growth through social engagement, Lempod might just have the best deal. The platform guarantees 10x more views and engagement on LinkedIn posts and they successfully achieve this with their advanced LinkedIn automation tool. This tool boosts engagement with its dedicated engagement pods that helps you tap into the right audience who might actually need and benefit from your content. Pods can be easily filtered depending on your location and the industry.

    The tool also lets you customize the pods and comments. Because this LinkedIn automation tool is fully automated, you will instantly find your selected comments on chosen posts. The tool also claims to improve your LinkedIn reach and lets you track all the comments, views, and reactions on posts. This metrics is crucial to understand whether your content is working, and it goes a long way in boosting organic engagement.

    Key features

    • Individually track all reactions, comments to your posts to see if your content is making an impact
    • Boost your LinkedIn profile reach by targeting the right audience from the right demographics
    • Join engagement pods to connect with people who are looking for similar content as yours
    • Filter pods by location and industry to target the right audience
    • Customize pods and comments for an organic appeal
    • Maximize views by 10x with the right engagement tips and guidelines


    Lempod's Marketplace pods are priced at $5 per pod and Private business pods are priced at $2 per pod.

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