10 Best GoPro Editing Software Tools Based on Price and Features

If you have already attempted to edit your GoPro video but your software just really isn't cutting it, you aren't alone. There are tons of options out there but they may not meet your expectations or are too complicated.

Here are ten tools that will output great results and are great for beginners as well as advanced users.

Best GoPro Editing Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro

Best GoPro Video Editing Software Overall

Best GoPro Video Editing Software Overall - Adobe Premiere Pro

It boasts of being used to produce Hollywood films like Terminator and Gone Girl. Using it almost always guarantees professional-looking video marketing campaigns. GoPro cameras can shoot videos of up to 4k resolution, which is too heavy for most video editing tools out there – not for Adobe Premiere Pro though. This editing program has gained its popularity amongst video enthusiasts because of its video stabilization capabilities, well-integrated workflows, easy-to-use automated tools, and time efficiency - thanks to the Adobe Sensei technology. Adobe regularly updates its products, which means any format your GoPro footage is in, Premier Pro will get the job done.

The program has all the features you would expect to have from a professional video editing tool. Adobe has a Premiere Pro Community that helps beginners to get started well with their video editing journey. They post tutorials regularly, as well as answer questions from community members. Don't be shy to join in on conversations and also ask questions.

System Requirements

  • 8GB RAM minimum

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop editor
  • A mobile app
  • Precise color grading and correction thanks to the Lumetri Color tools
  • Native integration with other Adobe Cloud Products to further enhance the quality of your videos

Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing

  • $20.99 / per month

Adobe Premiere Elements

Best GoPro Editing Software for Beginners

Best GoPro Editing Software for Beginners - Adobe Premiere Elements

The number of features Premier Pro gives you can sometimes be overwhelming. Adobe Premiere Elements offers a much more welcoming interface, great for beginners. It is a stripped-off version of Premiere Pro that doesn't include advanced features like multi-cam and 360-degree video editing.

This tool has three different modes of editing:

The Quick Mode: The program automates tasks like video stabilization, motion tracking, and Smart Toning. The Guided Mode: The program guides you through the editing process. It uses arrows and gives you tips along the way. The Expert Mode: The program allows you to edit your videos without any assistance.

Adobe Premiere Elements has a free trial which you can check out here.

System Requirements

  • 6GB RAM minimum

Key Features

  • Automatically create videos for you with the AutoCreate feature
  • Simple and minimalistic interface
  • Automatically delete poor-quality sections of your GoPro footage with their Smart Trim feature

Adobe Premiere Elements Pricing

  • $99.99


Best GoPro Video Editing Software for People on a Budget

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for People on a Budget - Clipchamp

Unlike most tools on this list, Clipchamp is an online video editing software. It can integrate with other web apps like Google Workspaces, Dropbox, Zoom, Youtube, and Google Drive.

Clipchamp allows you to edit your videos and download them without a watermark, which is good news for those on a budget. The program has customizable templates and requires you to drag and drop different video clips, audio tracks, transitions, and animations to spice your video.

Over 14 million enthusiasts use this tool to create;

  • Promo ads
  • Testimonial videos
  • Demo videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Youtube videos
  • And presentations

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop editor
  • Video templates
  • Allows you to store your GoPro videos online so you can edit them anywhere with an internet connection
  • Video rotation
  • Compatible with most devices

Clipchamp Pricing

  • Free plan
  • Basic plan: $9 / per month
  • Business plan: $19 / per month
  • Business platinum: $39 / per month

Wondershare Filmora

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Windows users

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Windows users - Wondershare Filmora

Editing videos on Windows 10 using this tool is so fun and easy. We tried editing our GoPro footage on Filmora X for the first time upon writing this post, and what we discovered was astonishing. Filmora is by far one of the most undemanding video editors you can start using for your business. Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to effortlessly add ready-made templates, custom animations, transitions, as well as embed text and titles to your timeline. Both professionals and beginners love this tool because it incorporates all the advanced tools into a powerful but easy-to-use editor. Start turning your 4K resolution clips that you took with your GoPro into professional-grade marketing content for your small business. Filmora X is compatible with Mac and Windows, meaning that most companies can start using it.

System Requirements

  • 4GB RAM minimum

Key Features

  • Simplified advanced tools
  • Automatically fade one audio track to another through Audio Ducking
  • Remove or replace the background of your video with the Green Screen feature
  • Use color matching to match the colors of different clips


  • Free plan
  • One-time fee: $149.99
  • Annually: $89.99

Final Cut Pro

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Mac Users

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Mac Users  - Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro X was priced at $999 when it came out but is now $299, which has skyrocketed its popularity amongst Mac users.

Final Cut Pro X:

  • Supports multi-cam, 3D, and audio edits,
  • Has VR, 180°, and 360° degree editing capabilities
  • And has an arsenal of other effects and templates to enhance your GoPro video footage

Similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X boasts of editing several blockbuster films. These include X-Men Origins, John Carter, and The Social Network. That might not be your business goal, but this should serve as a reminder that the sky is the limit when using this tool.

System Requirements

  • 8GB RAM minimum

Key Features

  • Superfast performance
  • A magnetic, trackless timeline that allows you to trim and move video clips quickly and easily
  • Touch control capabilities using MacBook Pro Touch Bar Editing
  • Allows you to attach music, sound effects, and B-roll to your timeline using Clip Connections
  • VR, Multi-Cam and 360° video editing


  • $299.99

Davinci Resolve 17

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Pro Users

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Pro Users  - Davinci Resolve 17

Davinci Resolve 17, which is the best free GoPro editing software, can be used to edit low-resolution videos up to 8K. Whether you use a GoPro Hero 4, 5, or a newer version, you'll be confident that this tool will get the job done without degrading the quality of your video. This tool uses facial recognition and machine learning to improve your editing process. It also offers hundreds of other tools like color grading, lens distortion correction, and special effects.

Davinci Resolve, unlike Adobe After Effects, can use both a node-based compositing workflow and a layer-based one. The latter only uses a layer-based workflow, which limits its capabilities.

The difference between the two workflows is that the node-based interface helps you to make precise edits which boosts the quality of the video while the timeline-based interface is faster and easier to use. What is great about Davinci Resolve 17 is that it uses both, so you have the power of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro in one tool, all for free. This tool can get a bit complex though, so choose it only if you have a video editing background.

System Requirements

  • 8GB RAM minimum

Key Features

  • Video stabilization
  • Multi-User collaboration
  • Auto-Sync clips
  • Create projects with different resolutions and frame rates

Davinci Resolve 17 Pricing

  • $99.99


Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Small Businesses

Best GoPro Video Editing Software for Small Businesses  - WeVideo

WeVideo Online Editor takes the power of a premium tool and simplifies it for the average Joe. This tool is one of the best GoPro video editing options you'll find online. Most small businesses choose this option because of the novice-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. This drag-and-drop editor allows you to edit your videos on most devices that can connect to the internet. It simultaneously syncs all your progress on all the devices that you use to edit.

If you're worried about the time you think you'll take to upload a GoPro video, you should stop worrying. WeVideo uses its very own JumpStart Technology to accelerate the upload process, saving you a lot of time.

Key Features

  • 4K Ultra HD editing
  • Group project collaboration
  • Share videos to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, right from the app

WeVideo Pricing

  • Basic plan: $4.99
  • Professional plan: $7.99
  • Business plan: $17.99
  • Enterprise plan: $29.99


Best GoPro Editing Software in the Cloud

Best GoPro Editing Software in the Cloud  - Moovly

Moovly, like WeVideo, is cloud-based, which allows you to edit your videos and store them in the cloud. That helps a lot and it saves you a lot of local disk space resulting in your laptop or PC running smoothly. Moovly comes with premade templates that cut your editing process in half. It has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that is perfect for beginners.

The tool allows less video savvy individuals to showcase their brand in a slick and unique way, thanks to the various transitions, custom animations, text, and brand overlays.

Key Features

  • Allows you to embed your finished videos to your website
  • Group Collaboration means that you can work with your editing team in real-time from around the world
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD Resolution video uploads (but currently outputs in 1080p for now)
  • Offline Presentation capabilities

Moovly Pricing

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan: $299 / annually
  • Max plan: $599 / annually
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Premiere Rush

Best GoPro Editing App for Android

Best GoPro Editing App for Android  - Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush integrates seamlessly with your Android phone, allowing you to start producing professional-grade videos in a matter of minutes.

To edit the footage from your GoPro device on the app, you’ll first need to:

  1. Transfer the video clips to your phone.
  2. Open up the app.
  3. Choose the default frame rate and resolution you want to edit in.
  4. Choose the aspect ratio you want to edit in; square, 4:5 vertical, 16:9 vertical, or horizontal.
  5. Tap the plus sign on the top left corner to add clips to your timeline and start editing.

When editing, the app allows you to determine the frame of focus simply by tapping the screen. Like most editors on the list, the tool has a clean interface that doesn't overwhelm you upon using it for the first time. It should be noted though that their interface isn't customizable. To increase the preview window, use basic finger movements on your phone screen. The app only gives you 2GB of cloud storage space which means editing a 4K Ultra HD resolution is impossible. To tackle this issue, Adobe added a Premiere Rush desktop app to the Creative Suite. This desktop app comes with 100GB of cloud storage space, enough to edit any GoPro footage. Unlike the one-time fee you pay for the mobile app, the desktop version has a monthly subscription.

Key Features

  • It uses the AutoReframe feature to reframe some parts you might have left
  • Allows you to customize the speed of any part of your video with their Speed Tool
  • Quick performance, but only supports phones that run on Android 9.0 or later ({COMPLETE}on what kind of phone? Does it work on older phones?)
  • Customizable title options

Premiere Rush Pricing

  • $9.99 / per month


Best GoPro Editing App for iPhone

Best GoPro Editing App for iPhone  - LumaFusion

LumaFusion is the best editing app to start editing your GoPro clips because it is easy to understand. Apart from its navigable interface, the app offers a robust editor which will assist in producing high-quality videos in a matter of minutes. Lumafusion has a 4.8 rating in the App Store, so you know it’s the real deal. What separates it from its competitors is the ability to edit 4K UHD videos. That's a huge plus, looking at the fact that GoPro cameras can shoot those resolutions.

Many small business owners, journalists, and filmmakers choose this app to edit their videos - so should you.

Key Features

  • Live voice-over mixing
  • Advanced keyframing and color correction capabilities
  • Multilayer titling tool
  • Integration of footage of up to 4K resolution
  • Allows you to work with negative space on your timeline

LumaFusion Pricing

  • $29.99


Choosing the best GoPro editing software for your business can be a bit stressful at times. We hope that going through this list gave you a rough idea of what software to choose.' It’s now your turn to speak; ‘Which video editing software do you think is the best, and why?”

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