Top Branding Tools to Get Your Startup Noticed

If your goal is to build a $1 billion company, you need to start looking like a $1 billion company, even if your bank account doesn't reflect that...yet. These branding tools are the best way to get started without draining your funds. Get started with one of the 10 best branding tools that helped us early on, so keep on!


The first thing a person sees about your brand is the logo. Usually, a logo 'makes it or breaks it' for your startup. 99designs is a breakthrough for individuals who are eager to make an impression on a viewer through their business logos and make them distinguishable from other brands in the market. Currently, 99designs has around 20 million users.

Best for first-timers who do not wish to lose their money over a bad design. 99designs has a money-back guarantee!

Key features:

  • 99designs enables you to choose from a variety of high-quality and unique designs and design your logo.
  • Offers a 'brief creation process': If you are having one of those moments where you have too many ideas at once and can't seem to narrow it down, 99designs has got your back. The website offers a brief creation process, which allows you to gather all your ideas all in one place. It helps you find a clearer perspective on what you want in the logo that speaks for your brand.
  • Money-back guarantee: Even after the final design of your logo, if you're not satisfied with the outcome, the site offers you a complete money-back guarantee. Investing in 99designs isn't a risky game at all.
  • Freelancers: If you're not sure about the elements to choose from, you can hire a logo designer from the pool of 150,000+ freelance designers the website has to offer. You can also upload a project brief where multiple freelancers can contest and submit entries of the design


  • Can get expensive: The logo design pricing starts from $299 up to $1,299 - subject to increase if you wish to avail more services from the website or hire a freelancer to design the logo on your behalf.
  • No way to check a freelancer’s credibility: There is no option to put down your reviews after a task, nor can you view the portfolios or resumes of the freelance designers that contact you for their services. This makes it a little less trustworthy and risky in choosing the correct designer for your logo.


Another reliable option for your logo designing, Looka, has been in the business for some time now. Having generated over 10 billion custom logos, it features one of the fastest logo designing generators out there without even having to sign up.

Best for getting a variety of custom-made logo options designed as per your preferences within a few seconds.

Key features:

  • Powered with Artificial Intelligence: Through its artificial intelligence, Looka inquires about your ideas and selections through some sample logos, colors, and symbols. It then designs a bunch of unique and well-processed custom logos just according to your preferences in a very short time.
  • Full copyright ownership: Looka gives you complete copyright ownership of your desired logo after the purchase. It's entirely yours to use!
  • Unique logo design: Any design that the website creates, it's unique from the rest. Looka does not use any pre-made templates but makes a different one for each customer. It's you who controls the entire creation process of your logo even after purchasing it.


  • You can't get access to all the tools at a low price.
  • There are limitations to size and positioning in your chosen layout.


If you want to avail maximum services for your brand’s logo, flyers, and infographics at low prices or even for free, then Canva must come under one of the best! It is an excellent graphic design tool with so many user-friendly features. It has paid plans as well as a free plan where you can access many free templates for your designing needs.

Best for creating high-quality designs quickly and without a budget. Canva’s free plan is very attractive!

Key features:

  • User friendly: One of the key features of Canva is that anyone can use the tech. It is effortless to play around with, even if you don't have prior designing knowledge. It has made creating designs easy and fast!
  • Free and custom templates: One major flexibility that it offers is for you to shuffle through more than 45,000 free templates.
  • Compelling and straightforward tools: If you're someone who doesn't have prior knowledge about designing, don't worry! Canva offers tools that can make your logo stand out from any other brand out there.


  • Very restricting mobile version: This is a bummer as not everyone owns a laptop. Even with around 2 billion mobile app users of Canva, it limits the interfacing of tools and features, making it hard to work around the site.

Tailor Brands

For your startup to attract the right audience, you need to have a logo that will create a powerful first impression and become a hit on all social media platforms. Having more than 25 million users, Tailor Brands is worth the hype! With its abstract icon generator, you can get various logo designs that are fairly different from other logos and create a lasting online brand identity.

Best for getting unique logo designs without any technical design knowledge.

Key features:

  • AI-powered logo designing: This feature is one of the main reasons why Tailor Brand is used so much. The easy-to-use design tools and features at the website allow you to design your very own customized logo that matches your style within minutes and with zero design knowledge.
  • No high-end investment: Tailor Brands offers minimum pricing to make quality level and versatile logos to target your brand reach. The packages provided by Tailor Brands are not to be missed!


  • Less control in the design process: Since this site creates logos automatically, it leaves very little room for the customers to have control over the whole designing process.


Branding is more than just a logo, so we have included this freelancing website on the list for you to have the chance to hire professionals to take care of all your branding needs! From creating an attractive branding kit to building a professional website to providing assistance in digital marketing, Fiverr’s freelancers can do anything to ensure your brand’s success. While currently being the top freelancing site, Fiverr features around 1.4 million freelance logo designers!

Best for utilizing all types of services for your brand through freelancers at low rates!

Key features:

  • Low budget is not a problem: With all the resources and time that you will be investing into designing your logos on other platforms or creating a website by yourself, Fiverr allows you to hire a professional to do the job, that too at low rates! You can buy packages from freelancers for as low as $5.
  • Control over the whole designing process: Something that every automated designing tool lacks is your control over the designing of your brand site or logo. When you hire someone on Fiverr, you control the process and the outcome until you receive the desired outcome of your website or logo.


  • Time-taking process: It may take time for you to get the hang of how Fiverr really works. While the platform is user-friendly, with so many services and process works, it becomes confusing for users to navigate around the site.


Frontify is designed to streamline your day-to-day branding, marketing, and development processes. With over a 95% customer satisfaction rate, Frontify has simplified brand management on a single platform to cover everything your brand needs and kick start your business journey!

Best for brand owners who want to streamline their creative processes and branding solutions all on one platform.

Key features:

Easy-to-use: Frontify makes it easy for you to plan a good marketing strategy with its user-friendly interface. It helps you create guidelines and give suggestions that potentially grow your audience faster and effectively. Makes collaboration with others effortless: This platform allows you to collaborate with others and build lasting connections efficiently. This plays a key role in getting your brand across public platforms.


  • Complex file sharing: On Frontify, it isn't easy to share your files with others in a PDF document.


In order to get your audience to read your brand better, you need to create visually pleasing posters, infographics, and presentations. That's where Piktochart can help you at best! Piktochart is an all-in-one platform for you to creatively enhance any textual information into a visual story for your brand in no time.

Best for turning your brand’s data-heavy context into attractive and easy-to-read visuals.

Key features:

  • Variety of templates to choose from: A key feature for any designing platform out there. The template of your choice will still be unique, as the site has various options to choose from.
  • Offers instructions for designing: Something that isn't noticeable on other designing sites; Piktochart provides step-by-step instructions, which makes it very easy to use and create some eye-catching designs for your brand's infographics and presentations!


  • Can be pricey: Piktochart can go out of budget if you choose to use some upgraded tools on the platform.


When starting a business, you need a platform to correct the grammatical errors and sentence structures in your brand's blog posts. For this, Writer will be your brand's best friend if you care about portraying a confident and professional voice for your startup.

Best for delivering an interactive brand voice. Writer allows you to define your own style guide!

Key features:

Improves writing: Not only does it point out your grammatical mistakes, but its AI-driven interface checks punctuation, suggests improvements for the tone of the content, and also works on a variety of documents and tasks.

A good writing style can tell a lot about a brand, and Writer makes sure to seal your brand's success up to the notch.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an online library that allows you to download various digital elements such as video clips, audio clips, images, design templates, etc., and get creative with your brand's execution making it stand out in the market.

Best for acquiring digital assets, resources, and services to run your startup seamlessly.

Key features:

Limitless downloads: there is no real limit to downloading the assets once you are a subscribed member. Low pricing: the price plans are low budget, and any brand owner can easily afford to subscribe to their plans.


  • Re-licensing: though each item comes with a license, you need to re-license it for each use.
  • Incompatible video format: Videos downloaded on Envato Elements are downloaded in .mov format, which is now old news. You need to convert them in order to use them, which is a time taking process.


To get your brand as much exposure as possible, it is important that you have a lucrative website, app, or social media pages, and there is a platform that promises you that. UI8 offers UI designing tools that help enormously with building a stellar audience and giving your brand the publicity it needs through its social media.

Best for UI assets and designs to enhance your brand's website.

Key features:

  • Wide range of UI assets: UI8 offers bundles, UI kits, wireframe kits, themes, icons, fonts, and much to build the most appealing website for your brand’s identity.

A platform like this is important for small business owners to get their brand the basic tools necessary to build a lasting and recurring audience.


  • Not user-friendly: the site has a very vague interface, making it a time-consuming task to get the hang of it.

To get your startup noticed and thrive simultaneously, you must educate yourself about the basic branding tools to help achieve your small business startup a long-term recognition. The branding tools mentioned above tools are the best options for you to get started and make your way up to the very top!

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