What Are Those Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence, entrepreneurs, or digital marketing! Sounds familiar? Yes! These are the buzzwords of the 21st century amongst the business tycoons. The value of artificial intelligence in the marketing sector surpasses 25 billion USD in 2019. It’s expected to skyrocket around 72 billion USD within 2025. AI tools are revolutionizing the digital marketing industry. From customer behavior analysis or predictive analytics to product recommendation, AI is making a significant impact on business growth. So whether you want to initialize your startup or expand your business, you will need nothing but one of the best AI tools for digital marketing.

What are the best AI tools for digital marketing?

Here are my top AI marketing tools that will help you to kickstart your digital marketing campaigns.


Best drawing tool for novice entrepreneurs

AutoDraw is the best drawing tool for novice entrepreneurs

Drawing is NOT for everyone! Especially someone like me who can’t even draw a straight line properly. Fortunately, Google has launched a tool named AutoDraw to assist completely untalented people to draw beautiful vectors on their own!

AutoDraw is the simplest and coolest designing tool built by Kyle Phillips and Dan Motzenbecker at Google Creative Lab. This AI marketing tool works by pairing machine learning with previous drawings by talented artists. Just open the AutoDraw website on your browser and start doodling. You can start by sketching something like a straight line or circle. It will provide suggestions based on your rough sketches by using AI.

It doesn't matter how silly your sketch is! This amazing tool will show you the perfect version of the object you are trying to design. Yes, it’s as simple as that! What are you waiting for? Let's unleash your inner Picasso with AutoDraw!

Key features

OS Dependency - Being a browser-based tool, you can use it on every OS platform. Input Device - You can use your mouse, stylus, or a simple touch screen display as the input device. Professional Designs - It replaces your doodles with the drawings of professional illustrators, artists, and designers. Design Prediction - It uses artificial intelligence to predict your designs.


AutoDraw is completely free for use.


Best writing assistant for bloggers

Grammarly is the best writing assistant for bloggers

Did you know it takes around 480 hours of practice to learn the easiest languages like English, Spanish, or French? And obviously, you don’t have enough time to become an expert on a language? So how can you write pitch-perfect ad copy, blog posts, emails, or any kind of personalized content for your business? Well, let me introduce you to the most advanced writing assistant named Grammarly!

In short, Grammarly is an AI tool that will make you a better writer. It helps every marketer to hunt down any kind of typos, style nuances, or grammatical errors in their writings. Whenever you scan your writing via Grammarly, it will flag up every single problem within your writing copy. This tool also provides suggestions to improve clarity and reader engagement, fix sentence structure, contextual errors, etc. This tool is powered by advanced artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning to provide real-time suggestions to the writers. We, at Oncore, never publish a single ad copy or blog post without scanning it through Grammarly. Yes, we love it that much!

Key features

Real-time Suggestion - Grammarly can provide basic writing suggestions in real-time. Free Version - It provides a free version for casual writers to correct their basic spelling and grammatical mistakes. Analyzing Writing Tone - It can analyze your writing tone to determine whether you are writing in a formal or informal tone to provide better suggestions. Plagiarism Checker - It offers plagiarism checkers on the premium plan.


Grammarly is available in three different plans which are free, premium, and business. The premium plan will cost $12 per month and the Business plan will cost $12.50 per user per month.


Best content generator tool for agencies

Jasper.ai is the best content generator tool for agencies

Most of the startups struggle with their digital marketing strategy because of the lack of a content creator. Well, this situation is long gone with the availability of Conversion.ai (also known as Jasper ai). Just like the name suggests, Conversion.ai is an AI marketing tool that generates beautiful content that will convert more readers. The AI technology can write long articles, blogs, social media marketing posts, texts for ad campaigns like the Facebook ad or Google ad, etc. The most interesting fact about this AI application is it’s trained by professional conversion experts and copywriters. To be more specific, Jasper ai is backed up by GPT-3 API to generate content by itself. The OpenAI team develops GPT-3 API by using deep learning technology. It is trained by 175 billion parameters (totally insane!) to generate exactly human-like content. So, it’s no wonder why these contents are more reader-friendly and ranked better on search engines!

Key Features

Expert training - Conversion.ai tool is trained by expert copywriters. So, you can expect higher quality content from this tool. (adjust this based on the point above) Versatility - The improved AI algorithm of this tool allows the users to generate different articles like landing page contents, emails, impressive marketing campaign writing copies, etc within a single click. Faster output - You can write more content within a couple of minutes by using this AI platform which might take around a month to write manually.


Initially,Conversion.ai offers a free trial of 10K words. After that, you have to upgrade your account to a premium package. This tool offers three different packages. Starter package - $29 per month (maximum 20,000 words) Pro package - $109 per month (offers unlimited words) Pro + Boss Mode - $119 per month (unlimited words with boss mode)


Best AI video generator for startups

Synthesia is the best AI video generator for startups

People just love to watch videos. Forbes says around 80% of users recall a video ad they have already watched within a month. Not only that, the social video generates about 1200% more share than the traditional image or text-based content combined!

These statistics clearly show how fast you can grow your company just by promoting relevant videos. Most importantly, you don’t even need any video content creator if you have Synthesia. Synthesia is an AI-based video generator tool with a real human presenter. All you have to do is just enter your script and boom! Your video will be cooked within a few minutes. You can also add background images or videos if needed. The voice output, gestures, and body language of the presenters are simply flawless. It is almost impossible to differentiate them from humans. Kudos to the developers! We, the OnCore team, also used Synthesia for our marketing promotion and the result was just mind-blowing! All I can say is just use this tool and get ready to be amazed!

Key Features

Language - Synthesia AI can generate videos from scripts in 40+ different languages. Realistic presenter - The presenters of this digital marketing tool look so real that it’s almost indistinguishable from real human beings. Customize voice - You can also add your voice to the video. Just upload your recorded voice and the AI will replace the built-in video with yours. Remember, Synthesia can create videos not more than 30 minutes long. API access - Synthesis allows API access for the developers. Thus you can use it for more development tasks like using it as an AI chatbot.


Synthesia AI offers only two packages which are personal and corporate. The personal one is $30 per month and the corporate one is designed for custom offers. You can also create one demo video as a free trial.


Best Content Optimizer for entrepreneurs

MarketMuse is the best Content Optimizer for entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, content marketing is not easy. It requires deep SEO knowledge, few SEO tools, a strategic mindset for content creation, and overall an extraordinary copywriting ability. For the sake of argument, let’s say that you have everything we mentioned earlier. But why haven't you succeeded yet? Well, the main reason is probably the failure of satisfying the user's intent. You know Google introduce the Rankbrain algorithm in 2015. This algorithm uses machine learning to rank only the best content that satisfies searchers' queries. Failing to do so will make your content disappear from SERP.

So how did we, the Oncore team, solve this problem? Simple! We used the MarketMuse content strategy! MarketMuse is an AI-powered tool that works with content creation and optimization. It is harnessed with some kind of ultra-intelligent supercomputer. These computers use data science, natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to measure users’ intent.

Then it streamlines the content creation by offering content research, content research, content creation, content briefs, and overall optimization. These are the articles the users want and are also preferred by the search engines. MarketMuse analyzes numerous ranking factors from the ranked pages and referring domains to provide you with a better idea about a specific keyword. And by following those factors, you’ll become the king of SERP!

Key Features

Optimizing old content - MarketMuse allows to optimize old content based on by covering missing topics to boost SEO performance. Color-coded grid - It uses a color-coded grid to analyze the competitors. Content brief - MarketMuse offers in-depth content brief including buyer persona, brand tone, linking, title, and subheading suggestions, etc. Content audit - It performs a content auditing that finds out missing or related topics to cover, comprehensiveness and quality of pages, etc.


MarketMuse offers two different packages along with a 7-days free trial. The Plus plan starts at $179/month ($1,825 if billed annually) The Premium plan starts at $999/month You can also get your custom pricing based on your requirements.


Best AI sales assistant for startups

Exceed is the best AI sales assistant for startups

Startups always struggle with generating their sales because of limited human sales agents. But, what if you can automate the whole repetitive tasks of digital marketing campaigns just by using artificial intelligence? Awesome, right? Well, that’s what Exceed can do to grow your startup. This is basically an artificial intelligence-based tool that generates qualified sales leads. Its AI assistant works 24/7 to follow up, nurture, and keep the potential customers engaged in a sales conversation. Most importantly, it is capable of running qualified conversations via both email and chat services. After a series of conversations, when a potential lead is ready to talk to a human representative, it will book a meeting on your calendar! How’s that sound? Impressive, huh?

Key Features

Lead qualification - Exceed AI can engage with the target audience naturally like a human sales representative. Scheduling meetings - It can automatically schedule a meeting between the human sales representative and sales-ready leads. It saves lots of working hours for your employees. Automated CRM update - Exceed can automatically update the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with every helpful information it collects during the conversation.


The pricing of this SaaS software starts at $2,000 / month for 10,000 leads and unlimited campaigns. But, you can also get custom pricing if required.


Best analytics tool for digital marketers

Oribi is the best analytics tool for digital marketers

Data is the most precious asset for every business. It helps a business to predict consumers’ behavior, make decisions, or determine the ROI of their social media or other ad campaigns. But, having a pile of raw data isn’t very useful. You must analyze and filter through the raw data to make it actionable. Most business owners feel the urge to hire a developer to analyze their huge load of data.

However, if you want to do it fast and accurately, you should opt for a perfect analytics tool like Oribi. It is an all-in-one AI marketing analytics tool. Their motto is enhancing the mid-size business by using cutting-edge AI optimization. In some cases, Oribi works like Google analytics. But it offers something more than Google. For example, you can analyze popular content, individual users’ behavior and devices, visitors’ geolocations, and a bunch of other professional information. Most of the analytics tools offer only two-dimensional data. Suppose, you want to know how many visitors you are getting from desktop, Facebook, and located in Brazil. You can’t do it without Oribi. You can also filter those data to create a sales funnel for specific products or services. After all, Oribi provides much more fantastic results than Google analytics and improves conversion rates.

Key Features

Individual tracking - Oribi allows you to know more about individual users by digging deeper. It eases your overall marketing efforts to sell specific products or services for specific users. Multiple dimensions - Traditional analytics tools allow the users to access only two dimensions of data. But, Oribi offers three-dimensional data. Easier funnel setup - Setting up the funnel is surprisingly easier on Oribi. Thanks to the developers for making such an easy-to-understand user interface.


The pricing of Oribi isn’t fixed like the traditional Artificial Intelligence-based products. Instead of that, it will charge you only for the services you are using. Right now they are offering three different pricing plans i) Business website - Starts from $810/month billed monthly or $540/month if billed annually. ii) eCommerce shop - Starts from $675/month billed monthly or $450/month if you choose the annual subscription. iii) Marketing agency - Starts from $1215/month billed monthly or $810/month for annual subscription.


Best AI solution to conduct enterprise-level marketing campaigns

Albert is the best AI solution to conduct enterprise-level marketing campaigns

Here goes another AI marketing software for campaign automation. This is the first AI marketing platform created by Albert Technologies Ltd. in 2010. The Albert AI is able to create automatic marketing campaigns to grow your business. It is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that can autonomously orchestrate and evolve campaigns. It can analyze vast amounts of campaign data to make sure you will hit your target objective. It can also manage a better budget allocation against the AI marketing channels and audiences. You can integrate Albert with Google’s SERP and other social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bing, etc.

Though the interface is in English, you can run campaigns internationally. Albert can run campaigns anywhere in the world with the target audiences from any country or language.

Key Features

Customized campaigns - Albert can run customized campaigns by breaking down vast amounts of data and can generate higher ROI. Language - It can run successful campaigns in all geographies and languages. Learn faster - Being an artificial intelligence-based software, Albert can learn faster from actionable insight like its audiences, keywords, or other campaign data. Account management - It can manage your social media and programmatic accounts to increase your KPIs.


Albert AI has only custom pricing plans. You have to contact them to know more about their pricing.


Best for mid-market and enterprises

Chorus is the best for mid-market and enterprises

Chorus AI is the best tool for managing or leading a sales and marketing team of any fast-growing B2B agency. It is awarded as the No.1 Conversation Intelligence Platform by G2 for high-growth sales teams. Basically, a conversation intelligence team is nothing but another artificial intelligence software that keeps an eye on customer behavior. It records and transcribes clients' conversations and sends those data to the account managers and sales representatives. One of the most significant features of Chorus is its Deal Hub. It is the place where all of the previous conversations are stored and can be accessed quite easily.

It also offers a unique feature for the users named momentum. Thus you will know the deal activity and the progression of every interaction along with other relevant information. It’s highly important to find the next actionable opportunities. Furthermore, Chorus can learn about the market from the customers' conversations. It can analyze the client's voice and provide you with insights about which features you should highlight to a potential customer.

Key Features

Call recording & transcription - This AI marketing tool can record clients' calls and transcribes their voices. CRM updating - Chorus automatically updates the CRM tools with its notes of those clients' calls. It results in a huge library of customer expectations and insights. Deal Hub - Deal hub is the single source of all clients' conversations and pipelines. It provides a better understanding of prospective deals and risk standpoints. Third-party integration - You can integrate Chorus.ai with multiple third-party applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Gsuite, Truly, Salesforce, BlueJeans, UberConference, WebEx, Outreach, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and so more.


You have to request a demo via their official website to know about the custom pricing for your project.


Best for the brands to power up digital marketing automation

Pattern89 is the best for the brands to power up digital marketing automation

Pattern89 is an AI marketing tool that maximizes digital ad performance on different social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. It is renowned for providing over 95% ad accuracy. It uses more than 300 billion data points to help you launch the top-performing ads on different platforms. You can also check the ad performance on the dashboard. Pattern89 uses more than 49,000 creative dimensions to provide advanced insights into how your ad will perform.

This marketing automation software assists the users in three different stages which are analyzing, prediction, and optimization. You can pull results on a wide variety of metrics such as ad formats, CTA placements, target audience, and much more. You can also pull deep analytical reports of your specific ad campaigns. Pattern89 can also predict the result of an ad campaign even before launching the campaign. You will receive daily alerts to optimize the ad to get the peak performance from the campaign.

Key Features

Deep analytics report - Pattern89 offers deep analytical reports to the users. Performance prediction - It can predict the output of an ad even before launching the ad. Frequent update - You will receive daily performance alerts along with optimization tips about your ad campaigns. It will help you to get the most out of your campaigns. API integration - Pattern89 provides a new API to integrate its deep insights with other AI marketing automation software.


You have to schedule a demo meeting to get the pricing information of Pattern89 based on your project.

Final Words

Marketing is no more a time-consuming hassle if you have a subscription to one of the best AI tools for digital marketing we’ve reviewed above. These intelligent tools will help you to grow your business in different aspects. Let those AI tools boost your company. Ciao!

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