How to Edit GoPro Videos For Content Marketing

GoPro is known for being the best action camera in the market, deservingly so since they literally created the product category. If you're active on YouTube then you've probably seen tons and tons of high-quality videos made using GoPros.

But if you are wanting to get in on the action too but are new to GoPro video editing, looking for new video editing tools, or want a few GoPro movie-making tips, then read our article below.

Here is what we will cover:

  • How To Edit GoPro Videos
  • Alternative GoPro editing tools
  • Advanced Video Editors For Mobile
  • How To Edit GoPro Videos On Mac
  • How Is Gopro Editing Compared To Normal Video Editing
  • A Guide To Gopro Video Format
  • What Kind Of Video Format Does GoPro Use?
  • How To Convert Video Files

How To Edit GoPro Videos

Choosing the best GoPro editing software can be a tough choice, but we use Adobe Premiere Rush because it is really easy to use and fits within our workflow. We'll be showing you how to edit your own videos using the Rush video editor because it works on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones so no one is left behind. :)

Download Adobe Rush for free so that you can follow along.

Download And Import Videos

The first step after downloading the editor onto your computer or to your phone is to open the app up and click on Create a New Project.

Next, it's time to import your video files from GoPro. You can import your media from your computer, cloud (iCloud or Creative Cloud), or if you're connected to an office network, you can import media using network location.

After choosing the clips you want to use in your project, just click on Create, and you're ready to start editing your new project.

Trim, Split, And Add Video Transitions

You can change the duration of the clip by moving the clip's start or endpoint. When you click on the clip that you want to trim, you will see an orange handle around the clip. You can now click-hold and drag the orange handle and trim your clip.

On the other hand, splitting comes in handy if you've chosen a clip to your timeline and don't want to use the entire clip at once. You can split or trim your videos by pressing the Scissors icon on the left side of the adobe rush tab. This will split the video into two parts.

Finally, transitions help to give your video an edge. To add transitions, click on the two clips you want to transition and select the Transitions menu on the right-hand side. You can choose a built-in shift, and you can edit the duration of the video using the Edit menu.

Add Video Effects

Editing software should always contain a set number of tools to adjust the look and feel of your footage. Adobe rush allows you to do so. Select a clip and click on the Color Tool on the right side of the rush. You will immediately see presets that you can apply to your footage.

If you want to have more precise controls, then click on the Edit tab. You will find many common corrections tools there, such as exposure, white balance, and contrast. You will also be able to see more stylistic tools like presets for Faded Film and Vignette.

Add Audio Controls

Usually, projects include audio clips as backing tracks for the production of key scenes. Working with audio in Rush is basically the same as video clips when it comes down to sequencing. You can drag the clip to move it on the timeline, or you can also click on the trim icon to split the clip.

Additionally, you can adjust the volume levels and apply "music" or "voice" presets. Along with the clip selected, click on the Audio icon on the right side and pull on the Volume Slider to adjust the overall volume of the clip.

Add Text And Titles

To add text, click on the Type Tool on the right-hand side. You will be able to see presets for text styles, ranging from titles to lower third overlays.

This tool is easy to apply. Click on the text placeholder, type over it, and you will be able to see text updates on it. Additionally, you can always grab the clip on the timeline and adjust or shift the length of the video as required.

Export And Share

Exporting your projects is usually a very frustrating task on most video editing software. However, Adobe Rush has a different approach to this feature. First, click on Share at the top of the app. Then point to the app where you want to save your video.

You can also easily connect to social services using rush. Click on any social apps to connect it to your accounts and set it up so you can directly post your projects to those platforms.

The best alternative software to edit GoPro videos

You have probably seen small businesses use ad campaigns to promote their products and you want to do the same. Buying a GoPro is the easy part but finding software that works for you is the hard part.

When it comes down to the best GoPro video software for editing software available for marketers, there are definitely a few options to choose from.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The overall best GoPro video software for editing is the adobe premiere pro. GoPro hero 4k cameras can capture videos in 4k resolution which is usually way too heavy for most video editing software out there, not for adobe premiere pro, though.

It has been used to make many popular movies it guarantees you will have all the tools needed for creating a professional-looking video.

  • Video stabilization
  • Color correction
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Adobe Sensei technology

Adobe also offers regular updates for their products which means you don't have to worry about the format your GoPro footage is in.

Adobe premiere pro can be used on Windows and Mac Os. All in all, this program offers the editing tools you expect from professional video editing software.


Many video enthusiasts use Clipchamp to promote their ads, YouTube videos, demo videos, corporate videos, presentations, and much more.

This program is best suited for the budget-friendly editors out there. It is an online editing software and can integrate with other apps such as Dropbox, YouTube, Zoom, Google Drive, and more.

Clipchamp offers customizable templates and requires you to drag and drop various transitions, video clips, animations, audio tracks, etc.

Furthermore, the program lets you edit and download videos without watermarks. This software is compatible with most devices and can be used to edit videos anywhere there is an internet connection.

Final Cut Pro X

This GoPro video software is available for Mac Os users. The software has been used to edit several Hollywood films which attract new marketers to try the software.

Some of the key features are:

  • Super-fast performance
  • Touch control capabilities using mac book Pro
  • Supports audio editing and closed caption support
  • Multicam support - View up to 16 angles at once in the Angle Viewer

Overall the software has many features that will allow you to edit your content in the way you want to.

Advanced Video Editors For Mobile

If you're active on social media, you might be wondering how to edit GoPro videos on your phone. The GoPro movie maker is a good starting point but you may want to stand out with some fancy editing. A GoPro video editor like Adobe Premiere Rush comes with some really great features to speed up your work.

  • Easily share with anyone
  • Publish to any social platform from within their app
  • Advanced filters, transitions, and tools that normally are only found on the desktop version

So, if you're wondering how to edit GoPro videos on iPhone or how to edit GoPro videos on iPad, here are some of the options available :


For newbies in the editing world, Filmorago is a great option. The great thing about this app is that it provides you with a bunch of music, special effects, and various transitions to get you started. Both IOS and Android versions are available.


How to edit GoPro videos on iMovie? Imovie has a mobile version available that is pretty much similar to the Mac OS edition. Imovie offers plenty of tools to help you edit your video with ease on your phone. You can even start editing your video on your phone and finish it off on the Mac OS desktop version. The best part is this editing app is completely free.


Powerdirector is available on Android versions. It is a free video editor that has a bunch of features to allow you to edit your videos. However, its best features aren't for free. You will have to subscribe to a premium subscription model if you want to use them.

How To Edit GoPro Videos On Mac

If you wanted to look into alternatives to Adobe Rush and just need something basic, you should look into the GoPro Quik App, you should look into other options like the GoPro Quik app. It doesn't have all the editing features of an advanced platform, but it is completely free and easy to use.

For example, this is how you would edit videos using Quik on your Mac:

Start on the Quik main window and click on the media A window will open select the create option You will be able to see the timeline of your imported GoPro clips. Select the highlight from a clip that you would like to add to your video. You can choose the clip by clicking the start point and then on the endpoint.

Repeat the step above until you have chosen your desired clips that you want to add to your video. Your highlights will be automatically added to the new video. Quik will also automatically add music that you can change by clicking on the song title. Find a sound you like and then click "add to video".

By default, you will have an outro that promotes the Quik app that you can delete by clicking select outro and then select no outro. Once you have done your editing, finish by clicking save. In the window that opens, give your video a name, select quality, and then click save again.

How is Gopro editing compared to normal video editing?

GoPro camera captures high-definition footage and tends to have more visual shacking because of the types of environments you would take your GoPro vs. a regular camera. Additionally, not all GoPro cameras have a stabilization feature in them.

So the big difference will really be in the software you choose because you will need a video editor that has a stabilization tool to remove the unsteadiness that disrupts the overall quality of your viewer's experience. Aside from that, normal video editing may require more tools for audio recording and cleanup as it will probably have more talking shots than what you would take with a GoPro.

In most other cases, the same editing techniques and filters can be applied to both options.

A guide to GoPro Video Format

If you want to edit your GoPro videos the video format is something you should know about.

What Kind Of Video Format Does GoPro Use?

There are two main types of video formats, HEVC and MP4. The file format will depend on the GoPro camera used. Most Hero camera models by GoPro use the h.264 video codec in AVC (advanced video coding) format. The h.264/AVC videos can use the MP4 file container and MP4 file extension. You can edit the files through any device, media player, or editing software.

While being aware that GoPro cameras such as hero 6, hero 7, and hero 8 use h.265 codecs in HEVC (High-efficiency video coding) format. The footage captured in the above-mentioned cameras is in 4k resolution and has a higher frame rate of 60fps. Furthermore, the h.265/HEVC uses the Mov extension and Mov file.

Editing GoPro footage in the HEVC format is usually regarded as being harder to do and it doesn't perform well on older devices. Adding audio narration or visual effects is difficult as compared to the MP4 file format.

How To Convert Video Files

It's usually harder to work with MOV files. Especially if your device does not support 4k video resolution. In case of a situation like this, you may have to convert your MOV file to MP4 or any other format you like for viewing or editing.

You will firstly need conversion software. A video converter will be able to convert any type of video file to any video format, ideally without distorting the video quality. A GoPro video converter is also available.

It's important to find a video converter that is compatible with your video file and your overall system. Finding the right one also depends on your budget.

You could either use a free one or you can invest in a premium version which also depends on how often you need to convert video files.

After you have found the ideal video converter for yourself, you can start converting your videos and prepare them for editing tools.

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