How to Create an Original Brand Name That Stands Out

With the right brand name, your branding will become a lot easier.

Well, creating a brand name like Uber or Apple may sound simple. Even if you used the best branding tools, it requirs a lot of research and brainstorming sessions to develop the perfect brand name and brand identity. According to a survey, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. It depicts that people need to see your logo and personal brand message at least 5 times to connect with your business.

That is why you need to put effort, and hard work into your brand name is crucial: it sets you and your business up for success. You need to come up with a short, catchy, and easily memorable name.

Want to create a personal brand name by yourself? Well, here is a complete brand style guide that covers all the hidden tricks and strategies to find the perfect brand name. Also, I will share a few inexpensive options to get started.

What makes a good brand name?

A brand name is one of the most crucial foundations of brand identity. Because it helps to establish and maintain a unique presence in your audience’s mind.

Here are a few of the factors that make a good brand name:

  • Distinctive: must be easy to spell, remember, and identify.
  • Meaningful: It must communicate your brand essence and cultivate a strong emotional connection.
  • Relatable: It should relate to your business niche in some way.
  • Short: You can make it one to a maximum of 2 words.
  • Easily Accessible: People can interpret it easily, say it, or Google it.
  • Visual identity: You can communicate through its design, logo, colors, and typography.
  • Protectable: You must be able to get your brand name's domain and you could own it legally.

While brand naming, keep these above factors in mind. The fact that matters the most is; does your personal brand name resonate with your target audience?

How to create a great brand name?

A good brand name gives your business a distinction and sets you apart from other businesses and your competitors. Read out the fundamental steps before you do anything.

1- Look at the environment for brand naming

You should simply start by considering all the factors that guide your brand naming thinking:

  • Your geography: Your location is the most important factor for brand naming. Most of the wordplay and idioms don’t translate perfectly in different languages. So, it is pretty important to work where your brand would be experienced.
  • Brand future: Work on the ideas that support your brand in the long run. It should not limit you to any certain way.
  • Company standards: In case you are going to launch a brand under another company, review the company’s standards. It will help to highlight the relationship between both companies.
  • Monitor your Differentiators: Take your time to research the market and ensure that your brand has no similarities to your competitor’s names.

Brainstorm Innovative Brand Naming Ideas

It’s best to throw creative ideas in the form of words and phrases together because you can come up with unique brand names in collaboration. Here are some of the intelligent and mindful steps to brainstorm your brand name.

  • Use word dump technique

Start with using a word dump technique, for that, take your notepad or sticky notes and slap it on your notice board. Write down everything that you can think of that can relate to your business idea. While doing that, keep your product idea and its purpose in mind. For example, if you are an agency that helps people to drive organic traffic, your brand name should represent that you are offering SEO services. Like SEOhub, SEOlab, etc.

  • Questions you should ask yourself

If you are still confused, here are few questions to get your naming process going:

  • Feelings: how do you want your clients/customers to feel about your product? Or what problem you’re solving.
  • People: Who is your target market? Their gender, age, and interests?
  • Verbs: What kind of action your potential customer will take to complete a service?
  • Purpose: What does your product do? What type of problem does it solve for your target market? And can it earn brand loyalty in the future?

For example, if you are going to start a SaaS product, make sure to write down the vision, mission, and values it is going to provide the end-users. You can find many relevant great examples around like Hubstaff, project management, and time tracking tool. Socialpilot, social media management platform, and more. These brand’s names are quite clear about the services and solutions they offer for their brands.

  • Use Simple, Descriptive, Easy-To-Remember Words

A successful brand name is simple, short, easy-to-pronounce, and easy to remember. It will be better to use a two-syllable brand name to grab more audience attention toward your services. For example, “Footjoy” is a popular brand for selling high-quality golf shoes. But the brand name is only Footjoy rather than Footjoy Golf Shoes. The simple and descriptive names will also be helpful in brand strategy. Also, if it is small and easy to remember, it will be your brand voice in ways you can’t even imagine.

  • Come up with a unique brand name

When you shortlist the best possible names for your brand, make sure that other businesses do not use them. It is very important to check whether any other brand already trademarks your brand name or not. Because you can only get domain names of that brand name that is not trademarked by anyone else. For this purpose, you can use domain registrars, trademark authorities, and search engines.

Brand domain: Search domain URL with one of the best domain providers like GoDaddy and Namecheap. Make sure that the domain for your business is available for a successful brand. Just don’t rely on the .com domain if it is not available. You can also look for .io, .app, .dev, or .online many and other variations. However, .com is best for branding purposes, but there are many other extensions that are gaining a lot of popularity from the past couple of years. To search all the variations at once, head towards Namecheap and buy the domain you want.

Trademark protection: Make sure that your startup brand name is not trademark protected. You can also do this by using a service named Namechk. To work with a popular marketing agency for brand strategy, your brand name should be professional and conflict-free. It will also ease you in getting a great trademark attorney.

3- Use brand name generators

If you are not able to come up with a brand name, you can use brand name generators like Looka. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use this amazing brand name generator. Click on Looka, and you will land on the Looka name generator tool.

  • Type anything that relates to your brand. For example, social media, and click on generate.

  • The screen with social media name suggestions comes up.

  • You can check multiple ideas from here. Not only that, you can even check if the domain names are available for the name you choose with different extensions. For example, if we click on the “All Social media” from the last column, the following screen will appear.

  • From here, you can check the logo ideas, search volume, as well as domain availability. If .com is not available, you can also, .org. .me, .co, and more according to your brand nature.

Moreover, you can use Shopify business names generator services or Namelix business generator services to come up with possible brand names. After finding a suitable domain name, you can head towards Name Cheap or GoDaddy to buy a domain. Tips to consider to pick up a unique brand name For now, you must be familiar with how to create a brand name. But still, there are some tips you need to keep in mind to own a unique brand name.

1- Monitor your competitors

You need to keep a close eye on your competitors and other companies to ensure that your brand name is unique. Because if any other company has a similar name, you might face difficulty with trademark and finding domain. You may also find some brand names with expired domains. In that case, you can buy expired domains here.

2- Brand Name/phrase Meaning

While brainstorming session for your business brand name and slogan, make sure to look for the words that mean the same in all countries. For example, in Germany, “puff” is far from a cloud smoke or fluffy pastry; it is a slang term used for a brothel. I’m sure that you don’t want to add words that are confusing in other languages or sound bad. In case you are going to run your brand in multiple countries, choose words/phrases wisely.

You might be wondering about what happens when the domain name you want is already taken? Well, you can use the same name with a different spelling. As far as the domain name is concerned, you can opt-in for .io, .app, or any other suitable domain.

What makes a brand name powerful?

Here are some of the characteristics and attributes that you should consider while picking up evocative names for your business brand.

1- Visual Appeal

The physical appearance of your brand name shouldn’t be overlooked. You need to create something that people can visualize whenever they hear about your brand. So, the first thing that can enhance your visual identity is your logo and it can also be your brand voice. After coming up with an interesting name, the next step is logo design.

How to create a great brand logo?

Well, to get a professional logo, you can hire a freelance designer. The average US freelancer can charge around $299 to $599 for logo design. Besides that, several websites can help you with your brand logos like design99, Canva, and more. Using these platforms, you can gather all your ideas and find a clear perspective. However, I prefer Looka as it inquiries your ideas using Artificial intelligence. After that, it offers a bunch of well-processed logos in a short period.

2- Suggestive

Your business names should also suggest your brand idea and mission as it enhances the brand personality. For example, if we talk about Amazon, it suggests their offering as a major river as they cover everything. Or take “PayPal,” which is the combination of Pay and Pal, like pay your buddy. Also, don’t stress yourself over the brand name as it doesn’t have to convey everything. However, it should even symbolically describe your product/services so branding strategy will become easier for you.

3- Associative

Pay attention to what associations come up when people talk or hear about the brand. Words trigger perceived meanings that are buried in our minds. So make sure that you are not offending some customers with the baggage of any negative association.

4- Memorability

Will people remember it? It is a major concern while coming up with a powerful brand name. Besides that, is it easy to say, does it easily roll off your tongue, and is it memorable? Keep all these concerns in mind to get a powerful & unique brand name.

5- Trademarkable

Last but not least, make sure that your brand name is available for copyrights and trademarks. It is a real shame to get through the brand naming process only to know that it is already taken. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want someone else to own your brand after spending effort on it or wasting time on a trademarked brand.

Final verdict

Well, that’s it for now. I hope that this guide explains how to create a brand name that connects with your target audience. You will have the best business impression and grow your company with fewer psychological issues. After brand naming, you can work on creating your logo, slogan, branding strategy, brand awareness, corporate identity, and brand personality. Keep in mind that brands are much more than logos and names. Just define your company and what you stand for. After that, share it with the world.

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