About Oncore

Updated on: Dec 24, 2021

So you want to know more about Oncore, eh?

Well, this entire website started as a passion project of mine and was really a way to demonstrate my knowledge of SEO Marketing to clients but to also help others build their own projects.

Since I have a lot of years in the digital marketing space, I wanted to focus the content around marketing and sales. But my passion for the startup world can't be forgotten so I expanded the topic matters to cover product development as well as general operational topics.

What Does the Future of Oncore Look Like

As I started to work on the site, the idea has grown into a larger vision. Not only do I want to create amazing content that helps others on their startup journey, but any income generated from the site will go into product development of our own projects.

I feel I can bring so much more value to the community if Oncore is more than just content. We walk the walk, we talk the talk. What we go through in building a SaaS startup can hopefully help others from making the same mistakes or confirming the right direction to take.

Me and the team would love to have you here for the ride. Feel free to reach out to me on the contact page if you have any questions or comments.

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